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Fun Spot Atlanta | ArieForce One | Custom Steel RMC | 2022


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Latest scattered ArieForce One updates, courtesy of Reddit;

The cross-park, airtime-heavy sections of the coaster are now going up.
Those lone pieces of dive loop track surely can't be in their final positions here.
Train #2 has been uncovered, reverse colour scheme from the first one.
Not coaster-related but they've allegedly got a flying scooters under construction now.
And now the station area will begin to come together.


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Wonder if there's potential for some toothpaste sponsor here too?


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Page 17; https://amusementtoday.com/issues/2022/202208/
[John Arie Jr.] expects [ArieForce One] to be completed sometime this fall.
“That project has been delayed by about eight months”, Arie said. “We have had to invest $5 million more into property changes to satisfy the county.
Fayette County officials required Arie to build a new parking lot and install new storm draining. “We had to remove a miniature golf course for the storm draining,” he said. “Basically, we had to remove one income source to build another”.
So perhaps not everything has gone smoothly, but it’s coming along.


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^Still quite a bit. Almost all (if not 100%) of the foundation pads have been poured. For the "out" run of the ride, supports for the outer-bank, double up, and barrel roll over the arcade building have yet to be built. The return run (quad down) has most of the supports in place. Station area is being used as a staging/bent build area at the moment, but the transfer table supports have gone in as well.

New video update here: