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Lets get it right, was a great 1st lap by Alonso that set up the win.

Had he not taken the two risks he would have got stuck behind kimi and lewis and that would have been game over.

He knew what he had to do and done it which was great. Round the outside which is not normally pulled off.


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The worst kept secret in F1 lol.

Nearly as bad as when the world knew about kimi going to Ferrari :) and kimi going to rbr next year.


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Perez need a talking to and I'm actually shocked he did not get a penalty for the next race. Have seen them given out for less.

He came from to far back and into a gap that was closing.

It was the same last year with him, he just expect people to move over for him and if they don't he hits them.

Kimi and alonso had a choice, go off or crash.


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At least on Alonso and Button they were genuine moves, on Kimi he smashed into the back of the Finn after at no point was any part of the McLaren even alongside the Lotus. Then he BLAMED Kimi?!?

Kimi's suggestion that a punch in the face would do him good was typically epic <3 (As was the onboard footage of his last 5 laps, it was on YouTube before FOM copyrighted it)

I loved the audacity of Mercedes' tactic of driving at the pace of Caterham and Marussia so no gaps would appear down the whole grid! That's the sort of thing you do on the PlayStation to win Monaco in a **** car, not in real life! <3

Business as normal next race.


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Was funny their pace at the start and the back markers were 2 seconds a lap faster, vettel was getting all wound up behind lewis.

I thought they were going to do a Sepang 1999 but they did not really need to as Nico was in total control of the race.

Webber showed last year that you could win by driving as slow as you want as long as you are fast enough going into the tunnel and the start straight. And on Sunday said "drive slow look after tyres and wait for the finish flag"

It was a messy race.

Sutil was a star, glad he's back in f1 always thought he would do a good job in a top car.

Just waiting now for a merc 3 race ban after this testing thing.

Got tbh Perez is a bit dangerous at the moment. Would love to see kimi punch him.


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Brookes said:
Great drive by Alonso on Sunday, looks to be shaping up to be yet another great year for F1.

Ok I don't think anyone will begrudge me saying this after Canada. I thought it was a really great race with some fantastic overtaking. Obviously it was a bit boring up top at times with Vettel leading the way, but Alonso made some great moves to work his way up to second in the most part by saving his KERS for the right moments. Di Resta did really well to keep them tyres going as long as he did as well. Looking forward to Silverstone!


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So Webber is leaving f1 at the end if the year and hopefully kimi will be on his way to rbr.

Cannot wait to see vettel have a strong team mate :)


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Its a shame to see Webber go, but its about time he left. He's not delivered many decent results in a year and seems to spend most of his time moaning now (possibly rightly so depending on your opinions). I'm very excited to see how Vettel lines up with a new team mate and in a way hope that it isn't Kimi. It would be great to see one of the young Red Bull drivers fill the seat as they've both been putting in good performances so far this season.

British Grand Prix this weekend! Anyone else going? There is a small group of CFers going from Cambridge for all 3 days and looking forward to it as always. Last time we'll hear the V8's too....


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Yes, huge Webber fan but honestly I'm kind of glad...he's at the point where it may be time to just hang it up, and he can go out still being a success at RBR instead of languishing in a lower ride. While it kinda sucks the #2 treatment he's gotten he just can't compete with Vettel anyway, or IMO Kimi or Alonso. Retire in good form Mark and now someone else can have the seat.

Imagine a Kimi/Vettel RBR?

Speaking of which, for someone who had a rep as being inconsistent and not taking care of his stuff, Kimi has not had one DNF since his return, and only one finish below 10th! Even using the last points system, he's only had 4 finishes under 8th really quite a superb display.

I also wonder what will happen with Ferrari. I assume (am praying to any divine being) that Massa is done after this year.
Not much else to say, been some great racing but barring the insane this is another Vettel title obviously.


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^ We've been through this before.

nealbie said:
JJLehto said:
22nd straight point finishes for the Finnish driver, and 4th podium of 5 races in '13.
And to think Kimi used to be inconsistent!

You leave Kimi alone! :p

Marc's right, Kimi has ALWAYS been consistent, it was his consistency that kept him in the title fight in 2003. He finished 2 points behind Schumacher despite the German having 6 wins to the Finn's 1.

The Williams and McLaren cars were better than the Ferrari that year (and the Renault at quite a few races), but Montoya's title charge wilted because of his lack of consistency, Raikkonen missed out because he had a couple of retirements (aside from which, he almost always finished on the podium). Schumacher won because, as Marc said, he was in his prime and pretty much unstoppable). Despite the failings of the Ferrari and the Bridgestone tyres on a lot of tracks, when it was respectable enough he was good enough to make up the difference and win the race. His 6 wins accounted for 60 of his 93 points that year! In the other 10 grand prix he only scored an average of 3 points (equivalent to a 6th place finish in 2003) - not exactly a championship contending car that! :lol:

Let's have a look at "inconsistent Kimi" from 2003 shall we?

Australia - 3rd
Malaysia - 1st
Brazil - 2nd
San Marino - 2nd
Spain - Retired (Car stalled in front of him)
Austria - 2nd
Monaco - 2nd
Canada - 6th
Europe - Retired (Engine failure)
France - 4th
Britain - 3rd
Germany - Retired (Hit by Barrichello)
Hungary - 2nd
Italy - 4th
USA - 2nd
Japan - 2nd

So yeah, 10 out of 13 finishes on the podium, definitely inconsistent. ;)

Looking into it in more detail he's only ever retired TWICE in F1 because of his own fault since starting in 2001. And the last time he retired of his own fault was when he crashed into a Toro Rosso in the wet at the 2006 Hungarian GP.

So yeah, Kimi has ALWAYS been consistent, his car has always been what's let him down.


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One other time when he spun of at Spa but it was really wet and he was rather upset with lewis lol. Other than 3 times kimi does not crash.

If you had a team you would want kimi to be your driver.

Vettel won't want him as kimi would beat him. Kimi will do him on race craft just like button beat Lewis on occasion.

Sunday to me showed again vettel cannot not race. If he don't get pole and have clean air he cannot pass. He relies far to much on drs and does not seem to know how to line a car up to pass with out it. Even last year when he had to come through the field how many cars did he hit?

Watch lewis, alonso, kimi, gros. They take all different lines to try and get past. Vettel just sticks to the racing line and the comes from way to far back. I don't think vettel would have pulled off the moves lewis did to webber or gros did to massa.

Yes you could say its the car setup, but the mclaren on old tyres come on!

Vettel lost in hungry on Saturday he would not have got passed lewis, he could not even pass 2 cars on warn tyres. He lacks the killer punch that the greats like senna, ms had.

Vettel is on course for the title but the next 2 races are key, and that merc looks fast. If kimi gets Saturday together he will be up there as well. I can see vettel losing out this year like he nearly done last year.


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Hey, Kimi's been my favorite driver ever since the day I started watching. I just used to be miffed his head wasn't always entirely in it, I can't blame McLaren's inconsistent stuff back then on him. Also he at least showed some life (ironic?) unlike all these drab ass drivers.

Yeah I'm sure Kimi gets along fine with anyone, (can't see him caring) but I'd imagine Vettel would be pissed to have an actual challenging teammate. But hey I wouldn't mind him on Ferrari! : D
Not sure how Alonso would take it

Vettel losing out? Would be nice, but I just don't know...all the flak you wanna give him is fair and pretty much spot on but that RBR. He's yet to finish below 4th, and could easily have another win at England. Though I guess you can also take away the win he stole from Webber. Eh, it'd be nice but just being a realist I can't see it. Like or not how he...."races" I don't see him falling off enough/anyone going on a big enough streak.


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I am basing it on tyres not going off.

If merc keep getting poles and the tyres don't give up they will win more races and put vettel under pressure. The next few tracks will suit merc more than rbr.


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Martyn said:

So then.

Pretty strong rumours that he's going to Red Bull, which would be quite a shock, and bloody brilliant if it's true!

It's coming from some fairly reliable sources too!

I'd welcome that. Kimi to Ferrari if it's the case, plus the 2014 Ferrari has been designed by Rory Byrne. I'd laugh my tits off if he left the best car!