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Flash pass ?s.


Roller Poster
My wife and I have just purchased season passes and planning our first trip in a few weeks. I’m wanting to invest in some flash passes. We have a 6 year and 10 month old. My question is can I buy two flash passes one for our 6 year old and one to share for my wife and me since we will never be on the same ride together? Are the passes registered specifically with names, or is it something you just scan when getting in line?


Giga Poster
If you're talking about the flash pass at Six Flags parks? You can buy as many as you want. If you really wanted to you could buy like 10 per person... they're not gonna turn away money


Mega Poster
Flash passes don't have names and you can share them between each other as nobody will check. Just keep in mind that the bracelet style flash passes can be quite difficult to switch from person to person. The non bracelet flash passes are way easier in this sense.