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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | 2023


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Wow, end of an era.



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I guess it would have been impressive if it opened when it was planned to, but now there's stuff like Movie Tour and Uncharted opening it just looks like something that every regional park will want to have, and coasters mentioned didn't take half the time to open...

Nice tech demo though.


Matt SR
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Still to come in trip report, but I was able to visit Ferrari World last Friday (day after Mission Ferrari grand opening) .... Mission Ferrari was closed the entire day. 😅 There is a chance (in consultation with @Dubaidave) that it opened for an hour or two right at opening while I was at Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi, but alas wasn't able to get a ride in. I guess I should have waited the seven years and two extra days, rather than one. :p


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The spite is enduring. So unfortunate and I'm sorry I chuckled a little. Its too absurd not to.


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I was hoping to get down to the park one night this week. But it seems to be down more that’s it’s up at the moment so am a bit reluctant to pay full entry price to only maybe ride it

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