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Favourite Comic Book Superhero?


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So, who's the awesome bundle of amazingness that excites you the most? Which exterior underpants wearing caped crusader with special powers do you most want to be? Who do you wish YOU turned into every time you go into a public toilet? George Michael?! (I thought not!) :p

Who is CF's favourite superhero? And why?

Batman for me..... I just find him, y'know, almost believable! If being a coaster enthusiast has taught me anything, it's that flying's over-rated! Plus gadgets LOVE life! <3

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Spiderman. Swinging through cities at high speeds would be ace, although I'd be crap when it comes to going on top of buildings. I hate heights. Spidey always has been my fave super hero <3

Mind you, I did use to OBSESSIVELY wear a Batman costume when I was about 5. But all Batman does is fall off buildings headfirst and use gadgets, which is cheating.


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nealbie said:
Which exterior underpants wearing caped crusader with special powers do you most want to be? Who do you wish YOU turned into every time you go into a public toilet?
I wouldn't want either because...

nealbie said:
Who is CF's favourite superhero? And why?
...my favorite is Daredevil. I know, I know - the movie sucked. But I've liked DD since I was a kid, which was long before they ever even considered making movies from comic books.
After being blinded by radioactive
that fell from a truck, he developed a proximity/radar sense that made him more like a bat than Batman. Other than his senses, he has no other superpowers but is a kickass martial artist. He also has a great gadget in his blind man's cane/billy club/grapnel that he uses to get around like Spiderman uses his web-swinging.
And how can you not like a superhero who's nickname is "the Man Without Fear"?!


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Batman's the best "universe", but, it has nothing to do with Batman, and everything to do with the amazing villains. Batman's just there so the fab villains have something to fight against, he's the least interesting part of everything he's ever in.

So my favourite actual superhero? I ****ing love Nightcrawler, he's amazziinngg. Plus he has a tail. A mother-****ing TAIL. Yeah, I'm going with Nightcrawler. He's in X Men for the morons.


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Lets look at this from what I've actually read...

Shaman King: Yoh Asakura
Pros: Has a big ass sword, has a samurai ghost partner and assorted other buddies
Cons: Little kid, Dies a bunch...

Parasyte: Shinichi Izumi & Migi
Pros: Awesome Parasitic hand

FullMetal Alchemist: Ed & Al
Ed pro: Bad ass alchemist with metal body parts
Al pro: Bad ass suit of armor
Ed con: Short
Al con: No body :C

Kick ass: Dave Lizewski
Pros:... Is persistent?
Cons: Gets hurt alot...

Grandville: LeBrock
Pro's: is a badger and goes all Quentin Tarantino on people
Cons: Is a badger

Watchmen: Second lot of minutemen
Pros: Persistent and well trained and stuff. also one is radioactive and ****
Cons: banhammered, Mentally unstable

V For Vendetta: V
Pros: Awesome costume, Awesome lines
Cons: Mentally unstable

Black Lagoon: Revy
Pros: Crazy gunbitch, BOOBS!
cons: Is a girl

Bleach: Ichigo
Pros: Awesome sword and ghistly skillz
Cons: Dies alot... gets injured alot when dead.

Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim...
Pros: "Best fighter in school", In a band
Cons: If his live had a face it would be punchable, gets attacked at inconvient times.

Nausicaa: Nausicaa
Pros: persistant, caring, good at what she does
Cons: is a girl as well...

DOGS: Bullets and Carnage: Heine, Badou, Mihai, Naoto
Pros: Good with guns, Kerberos
Cons: Bat **** insane.
Pros: Bad ass when nicotine depraved
Cons: Chainsmoker
Pros: Bad ass assassin
Cons: Old and has a bad tendency to kick people in the face.
Pros: Good with a Katana
Cons: Girl

Biomega: Zoichi Kanoe & Fuyu
Pros: Bike, Coilgun
Cons: Zombie world. No idea what the **** is going on it atm

DeathNote: Light/L
Light Pros: Ambitious, Clever.
Light Cons: not really my ideals
L Pros: Genius, Made of win
L Cons: Reclusive

20th Centry Boys: Kenji Eno
Pros: Everyman
Cons: Made the bad **** when he was a kid


Still no ****ing clue....

Also, Beast and Gambit are win.


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Deadpool because he's ****ing hilarious
Rorschach because he's even more badass than batman.


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Probably either Batman or Spiderman... they're both really cool.

Although I do like Flash cause he's fast and stuff...


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I've only ever had one pair of "Super Hero" pants, and that was!!!

I lived, breathed and shat Battle of the Planets when I was a kid (and probably did it in those pants too). Absolutely immense stuff. Jason was the best, obviously because he was brooding, impulsive, violent and constantly fought with Mark, the smug git leader.

I go to conventions dressed as him!

Oh yeah!

So that would be my first choice, closely followed by Batman, then Spiderman.

I like the physical vulnerability of Batman, and the cool toys he has to help him out. Like Ben says though, it's the universe he's in (anything that contains so much reference to H.P. Lovecraft is going to be good ;) )that makes it so appealing. The world he lives in and the fantastic baddies he plays host to are superb.

With Spiderman, it's really the mental vulnerability I liked (though Toby McGuire has clearly ruined it). There's a degree of physical vulnerability too, but I like that he's guided by a tortured sense of duty. It's crap now I'm grown up, but it's go a good depth to it when you're younger. Plus Venom and Doc Oc are fab :)

Yeah, I like my heroes to be ready to die any minute, or make a mistake that will really screw them. I like them to be undone by themselves as much as the baddies :)


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Dave said:
Batman, as he's rich and dosen't actually have 'powers'

Just runs off buildings screaming that his parents are dead. :p

I'm not really into comics, but my sister hugely is, and from the comics I've had forced on me, I'll have to say Deadpool.


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Paperinik, or Avenger Duck if you want.


Who else? Any of the silly American or Japanese superheroes?

Oh, wait, Super-Goof is cool too.