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Favorite Coaster Element?


Mega Poster
If the first three inversions of Batman combined doesn't count, then airtime hills. Or GCI bunny hops. Or pretty much anything with airtime.


Giga Poster
Tough to pick a single favorite element.. It's about as difficult as being asked to pick a favorite song. I have to really press to come up with coaster elements that I dislike.

But, gun to my head, I'd say zero-G rolls. Airtime + an inversion all rolled into one... tough to beat that.


CF Legend
^ You see, for me, it's easier to pick inversions I don't like rather than I do like. Like the Inline/Corkscrew on Cheetah Hunt <//3


Giga Poster
Lofty said:
^ You see, for me, it's easier to pick inversions I don't like rather than I do like. Like the Inline/Corkscrew on Cheetah Hunt <//3

I was speaking in a more general sense (i.e. "I don't like loops, at all"), but even when talking about specific elements, I still struggle to come up with any that I really dislike. Sure, the entrance to Arrow corkscrews are often a bit awkward, and sure, Storm Runner & Maverick give a bit of neck-chopping on their snappier inversions, but I enjoy those elements as a whole.


Mega Poster
-Ejector air hills/drops
-Stengel dives
-Launches (It's an element, shut up)
-The dive loop on Mystery Mine
-Hydra's first roll out of the station

Jason Voorhees

Hyper Poster
Airtime Hills and Sea Serpents. Of course we pretty mcuh all love airtime, and I like Sea Serpents because they have positive g's at the beginning and they all just realease and before you know it you're upside down with a little bit of floaty airtime. Then you think you're in a Cobra Roll and then twist upside down right in another direction and just dive right into the next element.


Mega Poster
The buckle/carousel-elements that Intamin Airtimemachines often have. Egf, Goliath, Piraten (three of them on the last one)...


Giga Poster
Immelmann's it's something about that sudden flip to negative G that just gets me everytime. Anyone else know what I mean?


Giga Poster
I still have to stick to pretzel loops (although I have only been on Tatsu's, I imagine it's the best). Sitting in the back row, I got a real surprise of heavy Gs. I really haven't felt anything like that with any other element.


Roller Poster
Zero-G-rolls. Specially the fastest ones like on dragon khan and some B&M inverts.


Mega Poster
After my recent trip to Orlando, Montu and Dragon Challenge/Dueling Dragons reminded how amazing corkscrews are on B&M inverts. Just the exaggerated motion around the element, and the fact that it isn't pure g-force because I feel a slight freedom and sensation of being pushed out of your seat instead of into it like in a sit-down. Hands down, corkscrews on B&M inverts.


Mega Poster
My favorites are winged drops, pretzel loops, and 90 degree drops, or close to 90. i dont like B&M drops to the side, or inclined. they annoy me.