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Family Fun - NL2 Comp


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It's time for a family coaster! Built on a mountain side, you are tasked to make a ride thrilling for all ages! Using a bobsled style coaster, you have minimal restrictions and can make it however long/short you want.

-Max Speed 45 MPH
-Min 3 MCBR/Blocks
-Max drop height 60 feet
-Max height from ground 70 feet
-No inversions
-must have 4 trains minimum
-Trains can only have 4-6 cars
-Entries are due by October 16
-Must interact with the mountain
-Minimal terrain editing allowed

All entries must be emailed to me at bigt12788(at)yahoo.com

Note: Scripting is allowed/encouraged if you can do it. If you need inspiration, look at Firechaser Express. Scoring will be done by myself and an additional judge, while everyone else will vote and rate on a simple 1-10 scale.

Scoring breakdown
Use of Terrain 1-5
Smoothnes 1-5
Realism 1-5
Creativity 1-5
Overall 1-5
(Bonus) theming/station/scenery) 1-5

Judges will go on a scale of 25, with the 10 from users will make maximum of 35 points. Bonus points are available for additional theming and station/queue with a maximum of 5 points, on a 1-5 scale, also determined by the judges.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/8fo95 ... un.nl2park


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Re: Family Fun NL2 Comp

Obviously I am gonna try something here.

The funny thing is I know enough about PLC Programming to make an actual rollercoaster do a reverse like LR or expedition everest. But I dont know how to code and get it to do it on NL2.
We'll see what i cam come up with.. lol


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It is. The goal was to get as close to a Gerstlauer family coaster as possible like Firechaser, and that's all nl2 has.

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Jay, it looks like yours and mine were the only entries. I'll send you mind to compare and just post both in here. You will get the win.

That said, contests are done for the foreseeable future. We will plan on revamping them and coming back with some new twists next year. The lack of interest and time spent by those who enter just isn't worth it. I'll post the two tracks in here tomorrow.

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Damnit Jay, I knew I was forgetting something. Sorry bud! You're coaster was fantastic, exactly what it should have been for the contest. Good job.

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Bit late to the party, but wanted to give some feedback as I have finally made time to download and review this track. We don't have much activity in this forum, so I'm doing my best to keep it alive! :)

I'll start with the negatives, so we can finish on a high. I thought the trackwork did leave a little be desired. There were some pumping and banking issues throughout, which is something you'll improve on as time goes on. The layout was also a little to drawn out for my liking. I felt like it could have been a bit more compact, or had a few more interesting transitions or something.

However, I was really impressed by the scripting. It's something that has always slightly escaped me (either through lack of trying or something else), so it was very impressive to me to see you get the backwards sections working as well as they did! Very impressive and perfectly captured what Tom was looking for in this round. It's a shame that no-one else entered, but the other entries would have had to have been seriously impressive to beat that!

Brilliant work and thanks for submitting a track!