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Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday World

Chris Coasters

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After first talking to Jarrett on skype I knew I would be heading to Kings Island this year. The first time talking to the CF goon of the year he issued a open invitation to crash at his place and do Kings Island and maybe a couple other places. After a couple months of talking and getting to know Jarrett I was ready to go. With a car full of crap my friend Jake and I hit the road to Ohio. The first day with drove from Fall River, MA to Bedford, PA. The following morning we would drive the rest of the distance and around 3ish we arrived at the home of the one and only Jarrett. He came out and greeted us with a warm welcome. We walked inside and met his mom, dog pepper, and mini horse Zoe. We went to a burger place we don't have in New England called smashburger. It was brilliant and I am sad we don't have them around here. We waited impatiently but eventually we were on the road to Kings Island. I didn't take any pictures on the first day because it was at night and we were there from 6 to midnight so my phone died. We went back the following morning so I am just going to highlight all of the coasters and give my thoughts on them since I didn't take any pictures the first day.

Invertigo - Crap

Adventure Express is probably the best mine train I have been on I really enjoyed the ride. It has a great ball busting end to the ride because you think after this cool lifthill it will have a great drop but no. I overall liked the ride and we rode it twice, once at night.

Being a massive fan of the Brady Bunch of course I have seen the episode where they go to Kings Island. The park only had two coasters when they visited and one of them was Racer <3

I rode on both sides and in Ann B. Davis' seat <3 RIP.

One of my favorite racers for its age it was very smooth and compared to its racing brother in Virginia it is pretty much flawless. After Rebel Yell torture in August and with poor expectations for Racer I was very surprised very smooth coaster. We rode each side once.

Firehawk and Flight of Fear are next but I don't have any pictures of them since we only rode them once each at night the day before. Flight of Fear was god awful and it was worse then the one and KD i didn't think it could possibly be worse but it was. KD's was 10 times better. This FoF at KI was absolute trash and incredibly rough.

Firehawk I actually liked. Guilty. You hear it first here Chris Coasters said he likes a vekoma. The restrain system is seriously screwed up but nevertheless the ride wasn't that rough. I liked the inversions and found it fairly smooth. We had a night/rain ride and I loved it. Jake was legitimately scared.

Vortex time. First ride at night was miserable. Next day second ride was great. I could actually see what was coming so I knew how to brace myself but the day before was awful. That night ride made me cringe it was so painful not being able to see where I was going. I really liked it though the next day. I liked all of the inversions but the batwing was the worst of them.

Next up was Backlot Stunt Coaster. Compared to its brother in Virginia it was the same if not a little better. I love these they are good fun. We rode twice once at night and once during the day.

Next on the list is Diamondback.

First ride on Diamondback was at night in the rain. Oh my god was it painful. I literally couldn't open my eyes. I knew it wasn't the coaster but Mother Nature ruined it for me. After a non rainy night ride and a day ride the next day I loved it. I didn't judge the coaster to much after the rain ride but after the other two I can properly critque it. I liked it better than Nitro but not better then Apollo's Chariot IMO. It is closer to Nitro because of the speed and aggressive ride it gives. I still like Apollo better because of the more relaxed speed and airtime. Diamondback brings some great airtime and the drop is brilliant. Loved this ride.

Next up was a Ohio legend and a coaster I was looking forward to because of my new love of wooden coasters. I use to adore steel and hate wood and now I am the opposite. I love wooden coasters much better then steel now but all I needed was a Beast night ride.

Every enthusiast must experience a night ride on Beast. I don't care who or where you are you just have to. There is sign that says best known for its night rides. I had asked Jarrett what was so special about it and he almost smacked me through skype. My first ride on Beast was a night ride so I didn't know what to expect and what to see. I was somewhat familiar with the layout but not too familiar with it. I have only had this feeling twice. As I am riding a ride I think this is why I ride/ love coasters. Those two rides were solo night rides on El Toro and a night ride on Beast. A lot of coasters make me say wow how could you not love coasters after that, what I should say is that those two rides were two of my happiest coaster moments and showed me how much I love coasters. Beast reminded me of Boulder Dash in the speeding through the woods aspect but thats about it. I still like Boulder Dash better than Beast because of Boulder Dash being great all the time. Beast was amazing at night and okay during the day. I think I should of rode it during the day first because after that I can only say how the night rides were much better. But overall beast is great. One of the best wooden coasters and one of the best coasters overall. Love this ride. What a feeling screaming through the woods at 60 plus mph feeling like some wild animal is going to jump out and attack you such a great ride. A MUST RIDE AT NIGHT.

Flying Ace was a crappy plus 1.

Woodstock - Wooden plus 1

We got spited on Great Pumpkin Coaster but we made ourselves known by getting upper park management envolved which I am sure Jarrett will touch upon in his trip report.

The last ride to touch upon which was one of our first rides was BAT. We rode at night and it sucked. Then we rode during the day and it sucked. Awful ride. Iron Dragon for days.

Am I missing something?

I don't think so.

Whats that?

It isn't Son of Beast?

Oh! Banshee! How could I forget Banshee!

Okay so If you noticed the top 10. Banshee is officially the second best steel coaster and the best B&M I have been on. This coaster has zero flaws IMO. For years Talon has been the best invert to me but no more. Banshee is absolutely brilliant. Amazing speed and forces. Every inversion is great. My favorites were the in line and the zero g roll. I loved all of them though. We didn't ride it enough. We had I think 4 rides but I really wanted more. Such a spectacular ride and like I said the best B&M I have been on.

Overall Kings Island is the best Cedar Fair park I have been to. I liked it much better than Cedar Point, KD, and Dorney. I had a great time at the park and the food at the Reds Grill is a must. I was surprised how much I loved the park and really hope to go back sooner rather than later.

I will leave you with Eiffel Tower pictures which are a must.

Stay tuned for the Amazing Holiday World and the not so amazing Coney Island I am sure Jarrett will add any details I missed since I was writing this in a hurry. Thanks for reading!


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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

Cool report.

I wonder how you liked Coney Island.

Wait, you mean the Cincinnati one? Oh God...

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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

After leaving Kings Island we hit the road for Indiana but we would have to finish driving through Ohio and Kentucky. To break it up a little and for the name of creds we stopped at Coney Island in Ohio. This place was legendary many years ago but has sadly dropped off the face of the earth and fallen into a complete slum. The park looks like a crappy Knoebels, it looks like a fair came in and never left. We went straight to the cred which is simply called Python. I have been on three of these galaxi's now and I can say easily this is the worst.

The other two that I have been on weren't nearly as rough as this one. It was so horribly rough and not fun at all. It is another cred so I can't argue much. We bought some souvenirs and then hit the road. But we are with Jarrett so obviously we had to take a selfie with something.

After Coney it was a brutal drive to Indiana. Kentucky was miserable to drive through and the Indiana highways were pitch black. We passed French Lick which is the hometown of Larry Bird. That is pretty big being from Massachusetts and being a massive fan of Larry Legends. We finally got to the hotel and Jake and I were so aggravated. After a long drive we wanted to crash at our great hotel but instead we got a vile and disgusting motel in a random city in Indiana. Absolutely horrid. We slept horrible and left as soon as we could. We drove to Santa Claus and screwed around until the park opened. We got the best parking spot I've ever seen. Front row right before the gates.

We got in and were able to get the first ride of the day in the front row of Raven!

I really enjoyed Raven. Like really enjoyed it. It is easily in my top 10 wooden coasters. It is pretty fast for its compact layout and provides great airtime especially in the back row. We rode it 3 times that day once in the front and twice in the back. Absolutely fantastic ride.

Next up was Legend. It was cool getting to ride it since we had to pass through Sleepy Hollow, New York to get there.

I liked the first ride on Legend but not the others. It is a pretty aggressive ride with a pretty funky and long layout. One of the drops gave me flashbacks to Boulder Dash's drop but obviously it wasn't as good as Boulder Dash. Overall it was a little bit too rough for me but it wasn't the worst ride I have been on. There are plenty of wooden coasters I have been on that are worse.

Next was the moment I had been waiting for more than anything and the moment that Jarrett had been gooning out about for months. It was time for Voyage.

Wow Voyage is great instant top 5. It lands in at number 2 behind El Toro for a couple reasons. First off I disagree with Jake, Jarrett and probably a lot of other people. I liked the ride in the front better than the ones in the back. It felt a little too rough in the back but my first ride in the front row was absolutely brilliant and the best ride I had. Such a great ride. A crazy drop and so much airtime and twists and turns its amazing. Not better than El Toro though. If this didn't beat Toro I don't know what will.

Shooter time.

Next was to clean up the creds with the fab Howler. I tricked Jarrett. I went to go take some pictures of it and he thought I went to the bathroom. Well I wasn't I was on Howler. He was standing by the bathroom and I got to the top of the hill and yelled CREDS! and he just glared sharply at me.

Number 162 and the final cred for Chris Coasters in the 2014 season.

Hollidog selfie.

After crappy food, rerides, and buying stuff it was time to say goodbye to Holiday World. Overall, I loved the park and was one of my favorite parks I have been too. Great atmosphere, Nice staff, some great wooden coasters and beautiful new coaster for next year.

Goodbye Holiday World.

It was a long drive from Santa Claus to Jarretts. We got there and knew we still had tons of driving to get to our hotel in Bedford, PA. The following day we drove from Bedford, PA to our hometown of New Bedford, MA. It was full of craziness. Horrible New York and Jersey traffic, trying to find Bam Margeras house and tons of swearing and energy drinks as well as Jakes dip adventures.

I would love to thank Jarrett for showing us around his hometown letting us crash at his house and taking us to his home park and showing us how to be a Ohioan for a couple days. It was wicked pissah and we had a mad good time. Also would like to thank Jarretts awesome parents. His dad for buying me BBQ sauce and taking us for breakfast and his mom for letting two total strangers from New England crash at your house. I cant really say thanks for the hotel but I will pick the hotel next time :wink: . Thanks so much Jarrett this wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for you and if Jake and I ever seemed pissed off or mad at you its probably because of the hotel and we are from New England so we can get mad easy. cool) Thanks again Jarrett and thanks everyone for reading see you in the 2015 season. I have lots in store.


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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

Chris Coasters said:
Next was to clean up the creds with the fab Howler. I tricked Jarrett. I went to go take some pictures of it and he thought I went to the bathroom. Well I wasn't I was on Howler. He was standing by the bathroom and I got to the top of the hill and yelled CREDS! and he just glared sharply at me.

#madbants #archbishopofbanterbury

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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

You should have tea-bagged Jarrett whilst he was asleep (or awkake) that would be #sickbants
Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

^ and ^^... You two are too much!

I enjoyed reading your report, though. Kings Island is definitely a nice park, and I regret not going this year to get Banshee, but I will next year so meh. Glad you liked Voyage so much. It edged out Toro slightly for me, but I can see why you like Toro better. Shame they took out Pilgrim's Plunge; it was such a unique ride!

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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

I'm glad you liked it. I didn't think much of Banshee because I thought Jarrett just had a odd obsession with it but it was fantastic. Toro and Voyage are pretty close but it's easily Toro. It has sentimental value because it was 100 and I had wanted to ride it since becoming a coaster fan. I found it a lot smoother and the night rides by myself won it over for me as my number 1 , but Voyage is still amazing.


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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

Finally! Some high res pics of Thunderbird's launch and Immelmann!

Great report!

Chris Coasters

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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

Thanks that was pretty much all you can see of it unless you are on Voyage.


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Re: Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday Wor

Glennderp said:
Finally! Some high res pics of Thunderbird's launch and Immelmann!

Great report!
Agreed, can't wait to hopefully ride it next year.

Also enjoyed the report. :)