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Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 27-30

Chris Coasters

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I recently went on a trip to New Hampshire with my grandparents and little brother. We went to Santa's Village, Story Land, and Funworld Game Center. But before the trip to New Hampshire on Thursday the 27th I picked up this traveling Orient Express cred by Rockwell Amusements at the Bristol Fair in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Thursday June 27th

My friend John invited me to the fair and he said they had a coaster every year. So I went on coaster-count and looked up traveling in Rhode Island and I found Rockwell Amusements. Rockwell has three coasters a Wacky Worm, Orient Express, and Dragon Wagon. So I went on their website and found that they were the ones providing the rides for the Bristol Fair. I drove to John's house in Warren RI and then my friends Andrew and Ben came along with us to the fair. We got to the fair and rode the zipper which if anyones rode a zipper you feel my pain. It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I will never do one again. So they knew my coaster addiction so we went to find it. We found it and it ended up being the Orient Express. We hopped on I got second row and the coaster did 8 laps. I was surprised it did 8 laps because most places do about 2-3 on a coaster like that so 8 was insane. It was good old fun and nothing more than a +1 and my 60th coaster. We ate some food, rode some rides, and watched a Journey cover band and then we slept over John's.

Friday June 28th
I left early and went home to relax because around 6 my grandparents were going to pick me up and head up to New Hampshire. We drove past Boston.

We kept on driving past Boston through New Hampshire until we hit North Conway. Our hotel was Fox Ridge in North Conway. We checked in, got our room, and immediately went to sleep because the next day we would have a full day of Santa's Village tomorrow!

Random Pictures of North Conway

Train Station in center of town.

Zeb from Zebs General Store a popular shop in town.

Cool sculpture of a dude playing the saxophone above the doorway of the Met cafe.

Waterfall near town.

Our hotel.

Mountain shot from breakfast at the hotel.

Tomorrow Santa's Village!

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Re: Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 2

Day 2: Santa's Village

We left our hotel and drove a hour to Jefferson, NH and Santa's Village.

We got into the park and we got our elphabet cards. Santa's Village as a game called the elphabet game. Around the park there are elves with letters and names on there chest. You go around the park and put your card into the box the elves are holding. You pull down the lever and the elf punches a whole in the letter in which the elf has on his chest. Here is an example of the card and a elf.

After we got our cards we headed over to Rudy's Rapid Transit, The Coaster.

In general not to bad of a coaster. Good fun the ride really varies from back to front. In the front you go faster up the curve after the lift hill and in the back its slower up the curve but faster down the first drop. It was a nice ride but with a headchopper and my favorite part is how the ride gets really close to the ground. Coming after a curve it drops you straight down and hugs the grass. Some of the supports are so close you could smack em if you wanted to. I rode it about 13 times throughout the day and each time it went around 2 times. It was good to get this coaster since I was terrified of it when i was a little kid. After the coaster we went over to the dark ride/shooter The Great Humbug Adventure.

As a shooter it is very good you have to shoot the humbugs to get points or as the sign says tickle them with lasers since its a childrens park. As a dark ride it was pretty poor it was just a bunch of humbugs flying around that you have to shoot and nothing really more than that.

Next we headed over and rode some random rides like the monorail that takes you around the park, the train (since my little bro loves trains), and my pappy and brother rode this spinny ride.

Then we saw Santa's Reindeers.

And had some Birthday Cake ice cream since my grandmom is a HUGE ice creamaholic.

After that we rode some more rides including the Yule Log Flume. The flume there isn't as good as the one at Story Land but the Yule Log Flume was longer than Bamboo Chutes. My brother played at the water park for a bit and then I rode Rudy's Rapid Transit some more and then we headed out. Some of you might be wondering what happpens when you get every letter of the elphabet game? Well after you get all 26 letters of the alphabet you go back to Elf University and get your very own diploma with your name on it and then you get a keychain with a Elf on it that says Santa's Village Jefferson NH. Overall the day was pretty great. It was such a well-themed park with good food, a friendly staff, and some pretty nice rides. It is a great park to go to for parents with smaller children and even some older kids. It is a nice park and we were lucky to have such great weather for our 6 hours there. We headed back to our hotel, got some food, and went to the pool. We went to bed early because we would have a long day tomorrow with Story Land, Funworld, Kimball Farm, and driving back home.

Tomorrow Story Land, Funworld, and the end.

By the way probably the best trash cans I've ever seen.



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Re: Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 2

That place looks both fantastic and terrifying at exactly the same time :lol:

And I've never seen a moose-headed Zierer vibrating bottom coaster before either.

Love it - I adore these oddity parks and reports from them.

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Re: Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 2

Was at Story Land years ago. Excited to see how things have changed. Enjoying this trip report.

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Re: Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 2

Day 3 Story Land and Funworld

There was some debate as to if we were going to be able to fit Story Land, Funworld, and a ice cream run to Kimball farm all in the same day but we were still going to try. We checked out of our hotel and trecked up a whole 13 minutes to Story Land. We got there before it opened and then we had to wait in line to buy tickets.

The line went by very quickly we bought our tickets and headed inside. Most of the time people go to the right when they enter which is where all the storybook houses and childrens playground areas are. They have houses like the old woman who lived in the shoe, little red riding hood, the three bears, and this giant pumpkin house my little brother adored.

Ivan inside the pumpkin house.

As you go down the hill past the houses there are a bunch of farm animals with names from stories. Examples of these are the three little pigs, the billy goats gruff, and peter rabbit. We continued down the hill where you start to finally see some rides. They had a swan boat ride, a pumpkin chariot ride, and my favorite the pirate ride on buccaneer bay. I guy dressed up like a pirate takes us around the like and depending on the operator they get really into it. Our guy told a bunch of cheesy pirate jokes which made for a fun ride. After this we headed over to the main area of the park with a lot of shops and food places, the Polar Coaster, Splash Battle, and the dutch shoe ride. Here are some shots of the Polar Coaster and that area of the park.

Splash Battle

Bamboo Chutes lifthill

So we rode the train and the antique cars and then I went on one of my favorite rides there. Dr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride.

After riding Dr. Geysers we decided to head out and go get some food. We went on to The Common Man restaurant. It was a pretty unique place which had recordings of a old lady telling jokes in the restrooms. For example one of was like "my sister got her credit cards stolen but I guess it was a good thing because her credit improved". Some were like that others were rude and others were just dumb. We ate our food and drove to Nashua for Funworld. Being the cred whore I am and knowing my grandma loves Carousels it wasn't hard to sell this place to go on the way back.

The outside was rather ghetto. When I walked inside it was like a 11 year olds dream. Video games upon video games upon video games the place was insane. A kid could blow a grand in there in a hour. But we weren't there for the video games we were there for the cred and the carousel. First was the carousel.

I was actually excited because I have never ridden a two story/level carousel before. I rode on the second level and my grandma and little brother rode on the bottom. To add to the ghettoness of the outside on the carousel you get a lovely view of a ghetto run down go-kart track. It looked like some cool abandoned place to explore but I didn't have the time or that bad of a urge to really do so. We got off the carousel and I went over to the cred. It's called Orient Express a regular name to small creds. It was pretty odd I must say. It costs 4 dollars to ride and the seats on the train are very big with tons of room. You go up the lifthill (if you want to call it that) sideways and then you go down the first drop a little sideways also then you have a little turn and that it glides back into the station. It went around 3 times.

The room was very dark and the ceiling and walls were all mirrors which is weird because you get to watch yourself ride. It wasn't the worst coaster I've ridden since I've rode Roller Soaker and a vekoma boomerang but it was still pretty bad but a cred nontheless. We left Funworld and headed to a place that has everything but a cred.

Every time I've been to Kimball Farm they have something new. They have a huge arcade, a old country store, Ice Cream, a lunch place, bumper boats, a wild animal show, a driving range, balloon rides, batting cages, and two mini golf courses. I only have the picture of the sign because we only stayed for ice-cream. I got coffee oreo it was amazing. We stopped by a Whole Foods on our way home because my grandparents live on Cape Cod and they don't eat at normal grocery stores so they drive to places like Providence and Bellingham for there horrible whole foods. I'm sorry if there is anyone here that shops or likes whole foods I just can't stand it because I've been forced to go hundreds of times. After groceries we drove and got back to my place.

I hope you enjoyed my trip report. The reason some of the pictures were smaller than the others was because when I put my phones memory card in my computer it came up with horizontal and vertical copies so i deleted one photo of each and I wasn't aware that some were smaller than the others. This will be my last trip report until my Cedar Point, Kennywood, Hersheypark, and Knoebels trip in 3 weeks. Thank you for reading. :--D .


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Re: Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 2

Thanks for posting this report. These are the two parks I skipped last year due to time restraints and the fact that neither have a wooden coaster. Looks like I'll need to make up for that next year.

Chris Coasters

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Re: Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 2

Yeah the two coasters aren't that bad but Polar Coaster is not for the long legged.