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Ever been turned away from a park?


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Having seen reports from Ben and Taylor, about being turned away from Toshimaen for the ludicrous reason of their tattoos, I was wondering if any other CFers had been denied entry at a theme park, and what was the reason?

Also saw reports on tripadvisor yesterday from NadroJ and NHS Jordan about being turned away from Schloss beck who had "ran out of tickets"

It hasn't happened to me yet - although I've been turned away from a couple of kids only rides at a few parks...

Anyone else?

Or has anyone gone "1 better", and actually been asked to leave a park, once you were paid and in?


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No parks yet, but I was denied the kiddie cred at Mt. Olympus when I stayed there this previous winter because you had to be within a specific area of height only 7 year olds can reach. Such a stupid rule.


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Social Media Team
Toshimaen were ****, and it looked like Nagashima would have done the same if we hadn't been covered up.

But we went back and got the creds and I flashed my tatts on the way out to say **** you.

Don't think I've ever been turned away from a kiddie park, always prearranged or gotten in.


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Try going to any Gulliver's park in the UK, on your own without children.
You won't get past the turnstiles.
Had to wait about a decade to ride The Antelope, until my mates kids were of coaster age.
Don't know if all the Lego parks do the same, but the Lego Discovery Centre in the Trafford Centre Manchester has the same rule.


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Social Media Team
If you contact the Gullivers they're fine with it.

We all do it all the time.

They don't even make you pay yay.

So yeah, I've done it for all three ;)


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Nope, but I have helped in kicking out/turning away park guests. Typical offenses were drunkenness, blatant disregard for rules/respect for others, or extreme cases of inappropriate wardrobe (literally no pants, nazi t-shirt, etc.)


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I can't think of many mainland European parks that would deny their guests if they behave well.
I was close to getting denied when I showed up on the entrance of a small German FEC an hour before they closed for the day. I guess they already stopped selling tickets for the day, but after saying I only need to ride the coaster, they've let me in for free.

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Personally never had any problems.

Friends told me that tattoos and piercings are difficult in Asian countries to enter temples, museums, entertainment, etc. Better cover them with clothing. A girlfriend had to remove her nose piercing - gladly it was made that way - to enter Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

Also a friend had to turn his devil-snake-chains heavy metal t-shirt inside out for Legoland Billund as it it was deemed "inappropriate for a child friendly environment". His tattoos were no problem.


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SimonSays99 said:
Friends told me that tattoos and piercings are difficult in Asian countries to enter temples, museums, entertainment

It's only Japan, which is stuck in the '80s and still equates tattoos with gang membership. They're actually very popular in other countries.


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My friend Justin (Fellow enthusiast) was kicked out of B:TR Media Day for discussing what he would do if he bought the park with fellow ACE Members. Apparently he was wasting space in the station or something


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I've never been turned away but I've lied through my teeth to get in to a few places. Now I just ring up any park with a no adults only rule.

Been walked around Adventure Wonderbland, Gullivers MK and a few other places - back in the day, Gullivers Warrington and Matlock didn't used to have the rule so had no issue getting the creds.

A few parks in the Netherlands such as the late Speedstad Oranje, DippieDoe and Attractiepark Duinen Zathe have let me in free once I told them I was a goon and just there to ride the cred. So if you're cred whoring and you pay in to any of those, you're a mug.


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Like Dan already said, only one that springs to mind is hateful Schloss Beck. Park still had an hour of operating time but apparently they'd 'run out of tokens'...They turned away €100 so meh **** em.

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