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Eurosat or CanCan Coaster?

Eurosat or CanCan Coaster?

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Matt N

CF Legend
Hi guys. As many of you probably know, Europa Park’s enclosed roller coaster inside an Epcot-style “giant golf ball” has existed in two forms across its lifetime; it has existed as Eurosat between 1989 and 2017, and as CanCan Coaster since 2018. These forms are quite distinct from each other, not least in terms of theming; Eurosat was supposedly a homage to Disney’s Space Mountain, while CanCan Coaster is, as the name implies, themed to the can can/Moulin Rouge. So with that in mind, I’d be intrigued to know; which form did you prefer? Do you love CanCan Coaster to bits, or do you find yourself missing old Eurosat?

Personally, I’m going to have to remain impartial, as I never rode the former Eurosat.

However, I do have to say that I think CanCan looks vastly superior aesthetically from what I’ve seen of Eurosat; Eurosat didn’t look to have much on-ride theming at all, and the queue/external theming appeared far less elaborate, looking more like a slight variation on Euro-Mir’s queue than the wonderful themed experience we have today.

I did like CanCan Coaster a lot, though; it’s my 4th favourite coaster on park, and my favourite outside of the big 3 (Silver Star, Wodan and Blue Fire)! I’ll digress that it’s more of a family thrill coaster, and not the most intense by any stretch, but it put a smile on my face and was very good fun; the coaster was smooth, comfortable, and fast-paced, and it had surprising vigour in places! And the theming throughout is just so brilliant; I’ll digress that the Moulin Rouge theme is a slightly strange theme for a roller coaster, but EP made it work wonders, in my opinion!

But if you’ve done both, did you prefer Eurosat or CanCan Coaster?


Strata Poster
I know that the old Eurosat was loved by some, but I've found it just too rough to be enjoyable on my two visits in 2010 and 2016. The new Eurosat definitely has superior theming and actually gives France an appropriately themed ride (the old Eurosat and the Mercedes showroom that is Silver Star don't have much to do with France) and it's also a perfectly smooth little coaster.

But it's way overtrimmed and the ride experience felt like a very neutered Space Mountain (at least compared to the one I've done in Hong Kong). It's probably still the 4th best coaster in the park, but that's mostly down to everything outside of the big 3 being rather lacking.


Roller Poster
My partner has not had more fun on any other ride than she has on CanCan Coaster so it may leave me a little biased, but the ride is just great fun and the theming is exactly what France needed.