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Europa Park | Piraten in Batavia Rebuild | 2020


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This image apppeared on a Looopings Twitter post. I'm not sure that's its original source so I'll go and make sure I've got it right.

Edit: source was Looopings article.


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It looks like Piraten in Batavia is a goner for sure. All that black smoke, I think it's the roof insulation burning. That means fire has spread horizontally across the whole building, meaning it must be pretty bad inside there. I really hope everybody got out in time.

Update: yeah, regarding the picture above I think it's safe to say there won't be any ride there tomorrow. They can write off the souvenir shop and the restaurants too, and possibly a lot of Mack offices. Let's just hope it doesn't spread to the historama or the Foodloop restaurant.

And for the record, Wodan should be safe. There's a lake and a large built-up area between it and the fire.


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Holy ****, that isn't good. Was Piraten in Batavia the Pirates of the Caribbean knock-off? The fire, luckily has been taken under control.


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Judging from Europastreet on Twitter, Scandinavia has been fully evacuated, but much of the park is still operating. That's exactly what I love about Europa Park <3
One time when I'll say 'thoughts are with them' and actually mean it.


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I wonder if that little wooden Norwegian church has made it - would be a shame for that to get burned.

Matt N

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New pictures show, that Wodan is on fire, too. :( Perhaps it caught fire by sparks flying.
My god, this must be one big fire! This could potentially be devastating for Europa, which really saddens me, because it looks like a stunning park! On the positive side, at least no people were injured.


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This is just ****ing sad tbh. I hope they rebuild and repair all that has been lost. But replace the P of the C knock-off with something more decent.