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ElloCoaster - 2019 Wood & Steel Results! {Page 3}


I've cast my ballot, it's great that somebody is having a good go at this, and they got 115 voters last year which is pretty good for a first year. Hopefully they get a steel poll together soon too.

In case anyone is interested, this was my ballot.

1, Wodan Timburcoaster-EuropaPark-GMANY
2, Cú Chulainn-Tayto Park-IRLND
3, Thundercoaster-TusenFryd-NORWY
4, Tonnerre de Zeus-Parc Asterix-FRANC
5, Grand National (left)-Blackpool-ENGLD
6, Grand National (right)-Blackpool-ENGLD
7, Megafobia-Oakwood-WALES
8, Apocalypse-SF Magic Mountain-USACA
9, Wicker Man-Alton Towers-ENGLD
10, Stampida (left)-PortAventura-SPAIN
11, Stampida (right)-PortAventura-SPAIN
12, Montezum-Hopi Hari-BRAZL
13, Twister-Gröna Lund-SWDEN
14, Balder-Liseberg-SWDEN
15, LoupGarou-Walibi Belgium-BELGM
16, Rutschebanen-Tivoli Gardens-DENMK
17, Big Dipper-Blackpool-ENGLD
18, Joris en de Draak (vuur)-Efteling-NTHRL
19, Joris en de Draak (water)-Efteling-NTHRL
20, Roller Coaster-Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach-ENGLD
21, Nickelodeon Streak-Blackpool-ENGLD
22, Scenic Railway-Dreamland-ENGLD
23, Robin Hood-Walibi Holland-NTHRL
24, Antelope-Gullivers Warrington-ENGLD
25, Tomahawk-PortAventura-SPAIN
26, Vuoristorata-Linnanmäki-FINLD
27, Tyrolean Tubtwist-Joyland-ENGLD
28, Hochschaubahn-WienerPrater-AUSTA
29, Blue Flyer-Blackpool-ENGLD


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Well. I’ve done only one wooden coaster as of yet... it probably isn’t worth me filling in a ballot to be honest. Would be good it they did a poll for steel coasters though, I imagine there is just way too many to include though.


I submitted mine yesterday. Here's my ballot:

1) Boulder Dash
2) Wildfire
3) El Toro (GAdv)
4) Boardwalk Bullet
5) Thundercoaster
6) Outlaw Run
7) Balder
8) Phoenix
9) Comet (SFGE)
10) Twister (GL)
11) Lightning Racer (Lightning)
12) Lightning Racer (Thunder)
13) Twister (Knoebels)
14) Comet (Hershey)
15) Blue Streak (CP)
16) Wildcat (Hershey)
17) Wildcat (Lake Compounce)
18) Yankee Cannonball
19) Thunderbolt (SFNE)
20) Flying Turns (Knoebels)
--) Mean Streak


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Done. :)

1, Wildfire-Kolmården-SWDEN
...a lot of stuff...
107, Predator-Darien Lake-USANY

Some new entries this year for me though; some near the top...
6, Boulder Dash-Lake Compounce-USACT
15, Cyclone-Luna Park-USANY

and the bottom...
106, Devils Den-Conneaut Lake-USAPA


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Pffft, that was fun (and a little tough, haha).

Top 20:

1, Phoenix-Knoebels-USAPA
2, El Toro-SF Great Adventure-USANJ
3, Wildfire-Kolmården-SWDEN
4, Outlaw Run-Silver Dollar City-USAMO
5, Goliath-SF Great America-USAIL
6, Roar O Saurus-Story Land-USANH
7, Troy-Toverland-NTHRL
8, Lightning Rod-Dollywood-USATN
9, Ravine Flyer II-Waldameer-USAPA
10, Tonnerre de Zeus-Parc Asterix-FRANC
11, Boardwalk Bullet-Kemah Boardwalk-USATX
12, Gold Striker-Californias Great America-USACA
13, Cú Chulainn-Tayto Park-IRLND
14, Thunderhead-Dollywood-USATN
15, Rampage-Alabama Splash Adventure-USAAL
16, Joris en de Draak (water)-Efteling-NTHRL
17, Joris en de Draak (vuur)-Efteling-NTHRL
18, Balder-Liseberg-SWDEN
19, Apocalypse-SF Magic Mountain-USACA
20, Twister-Gröna Lund-SWDEN

Then the bottom lot:

83, Anaconda-Walygator Parc-FRANC
84, Coaster Express-Parque Warner Madrid-SPAIN
85, Ghoster Coaster-Canadas Wonderland-CANDA
85, Woodstock Express-Carowinds-USANC
85, Woodstock Express-Kings Dominion-USAVA
85, Woodstock Express-Kings Island-USAOH
89, Hochschaubahn-WienerPrater-AUSTA
90, Wildcat-Lake Compounce-USACT
91, Blue Flyer-Blackpool-ENGLD
92, Little Dipper-SF Great America-USAIL
93, Grizzly-Californias Great America-USACA
94, American Eagle (Red)-SF Great America-USAIL
94, American Eagle (Blue)-SF Great America-USAIL
96, Predator-Darien Lake-USANY

I left off Coaster at Playland as it’s been 11 years since I rode that and my ranking of it might unfairly skewer its performance. Also I’ve now realised Roller Coaster at GYPB must’ve got deleted at some point when ranking but meh, not sure I can be bothered to send an updated ballot just for that. I’ve ridden 107 woodies so I guess that means 9(?) of them are either defunct (RIP Mouse...) or not currently operating (e.g. Colossos).


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1, Voyage-Holiday World-USAIN
2, Goliath-SF Great America-USAIL
3, Outlaw Run-Silver Dollar City-USAMO
4, Thunderhead-Dollywood-USATN
5, Viper-SF Great America-USAIL
6, Raven-Holiday World-USAIN
7, Outlaw-Adventureland-USAIA
8, White Lightning-Fun Spot America-USAFL
9, American Eagle (Red)-SF Great America-USAIL
10, Mine Blower-Fun Spot America-USAFL
11, American Thunder-SF StLouis-USAMO
12, American Eagle (Blue)-SF Great America-USAIL
13, Blue Streak-Cedar Point-USAOH
14, Thunder Run-Kentucky Kingdom-USAKY
15, Boss-SF StLouis-USAMO
16, Legend-Holiday World-USAIN
17, Zippin Pippin-Bay Beach-USAWI
18, Tornado-Adventureland-USAIA
19, Screamin Eagle-SF StLouis-USAMO
20, Roar-SF America-USAMD
21, Underground-Adventureland-USAIA
22, Little Dipper-SF Great America-USAIL

I'm quite surprised I only have this many woodie creds.


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I really struggled with this. Felt like the top five was easy enough (duh), but after that it was pretty hard work. The middle and bottom was mostly just a guess because so much of them are so forgettable.

Anyway, I've submitted. Will be interesting to see the results!

Jim in Canada

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For those with long lists (or a lot of mediocre coasters) who don't want to struggle over individual rankings, I got a ballot the other day from someone with a very long list of credits who did this:
Individually ranked his top five or so, then grouped the rest of his list into the following categories, ranked 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
"Coasters I would marathon"
"Coasters I would definitely ride if I'm at the park"
"Coasters I would ride if the queue isn't too long"
"Coasters I would ride if I'd already been on the other stuff and had some time left"
"Coasters I would probably skip"
"Coasters I never want to ride again, ever"

Each group was all ranked the same, without worrying about the order in each group.


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That's a smart system - should include that in your guide for next year! :D


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The important thing too is that it's not necessary to include everything (though recommended if possible), as the only thing taken from your ballot is relative pairings.


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I've had a similar tiering system for steel rankings knocking around for a couple of years now, it's definitely useful to cope with all the numbers as well as provide the most relevant figures for this sort of exercise.
The important thing too is that it's not necessary to include everything (though recommended if possible)
Emphasis on the recommended here. As long as you can broadly fit something in a group 'below this lot' and 'above that lot', there's lots of extra data there that wouldn't otherwise be accounted for if it was skipped entirely. Helps highlight the more divisive coasters in particular.

I'm so far managing to stay on top of the woodies as individual ranks. As well as there just being far fewer, I find them a little easier to directly compare against each other.


I was going to participate in this poll... but how in the world do I rank my ridden wooden coasters past my top 10?! I can't compare Racer vs Rebel Yell and surely did not remember which side was better!

Jim in Canada

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I was going to participate in this poll... but how in the world do I rank my ridden wooden coasters past my top 10?! I can't compare Racer vs Rebel Yell and surely did not remember which side was better!
Here's how a few voters with really long lists handled that problem:
[1] rank your top 10 (or 20 or however many you think really matter)
[2] divide the rest of your list into categories like "good", "not too bad", "forgettable", "awful" (or whatever you like)
[3] give each group the same ranking... so if (for example) you individually ranked your top 20, then "good" coasters could all get ranked at 30, "not too bad" get 40, "forgettable" get 50, etc

One voter ranked his groups as "I'd marathon that", "I'll ride it every time I visit the park", "I'll ride it if the queue is short", "I'll ride it if I've done all the other stuff in the park and I've got time left", "I'll skip it unless I'm with someone else who wants to ride it", "I'll skip it even if I'm with someone else who wants to ride it", and "I never want to ride this again"


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I can't compare Racer vs Rebel Yell and surely did not remember which side was better!
Funny, I had no issue making that comparison. :p

Here's the rundown and comparison - such a close finish in the top 10 between coasters!