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Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster


Matt SR
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Great photos, especially the side profile of those supports.

I would just love it if that smoke stack was functional, and they used coal to power the whole thing.


Giga Poster
^ Lol, that sounds amazing :p .

The drop is done by the way. I think the size of the entire thing is perfect for the Efteling. Bigger wouldn't fit in the park. This is a photo of vijfzintuigen:


I can't wait until they install the wheels on the sides!


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:--D Wow! has been about a week or so since I've checked out this thread and tons has been done! Love when parks really outdo themselves on the theming like this. Looks incredible!


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I love the look of Baron and it intrigues me much more than the other 6-seater B&M dive machines built recently.


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I love the unique lift structure for how it is unique compared to every other B&M built. I don't understand the use of the friction wheels when there is a lift chain at the crest of the lift.


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I suspect those wheels are there to regulate the speed when connecting to the holding part of the chain, as I believe B&M usually uses 2 separate hooks for the lift and the holding chain.


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Looks to me like the drive tires are there to disengage the train from the lift chain before it gets to the holding brake, and then using the green piece you see immediately after the tires to engage the holding brake "anti-rollback dog" so that the holding brake can do its job. Usually the green bumps are used, at least from coasters I've been on like Mantis and Bizarro, to lift the anti-rollback over the drive tires so that nothing gets caught or broken. This is especially helpful when maintenance has to back out the trains for the night. Griffon, Sheikra, and all the other Dive Machines have the same thing, although on those two you can actually get tours to see them up close.

In the simplest terms just think of it as the anti-rollback device flipped backwards once it hits the green piece.

EDIT: Here's a sexy picture to show what I'm talking about:


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Help me please!

I created a 3D on-ride of Baron 1898.
Now I was going to post the YouTube link (URL) from the video, but I get this message: "You are not authorized to post url links, please remove or rename: h t t p : / / y o u t u . b e"

So can someone help me please?
I don't know how I have to post my link.



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^welcome to the forums. To post links you must post on the forums a certain amount of times (I'm not sure how many). This is to stop spam bots posting nasty links. If you pm a mod your link they should be able to post your video.


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^ Dude, you are a mod yourself :wink:

The supports are up btw. I'm on my phone but I'll post some photos tomorrow.


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I've made some more photos yesterday:




They started working on the Zero G just after I got there.





Supports for the helix





Gondoletta provides some great views of Baron.



Cowardliest photo ever because taking photos with my phone so close to the edge scares the **** out of me.


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Thanks for posting those pics Thom, looks like you timed your arrival very well. It's going up quickly now.


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Social Media Team
That Zero G goes completely the wrong way and it really upsets me because otherwise it looks amazing but urgghh.


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^ Ha, I've been thinking the same thing but thought it'd be weird to say. This does look like it'll be a great addition to the park though.