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Doha Oasis Quest | EpiQ Coaster | Premier Rides LSM Coaster | 2021


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I'm sure the likes of Mission Ferrari will be gunning for that record. ;)
Hmm, true. This thread was created in March 2014, while that thread is from November of that year. If Mission Ferrari takes more than seven months to open from today, the crown may be passed next year already.

If it opens before that, though, we'd have to wait a few more years. I guess the Hotgo Park B&Ms could outdo EpiQ Coaster (thread created September 2015), but at some point I think we will unstick that thread unless there are news of construction restart. Next in line is actually Pantheon's thread, created as a news thread in August 2017 (although the project went through a few transformations since then). One more stickied thread, for the launch coaster at Window of the World, originated in 2017 (December 29, though), and that one has been delayed a bit so it may become a contender in the future. Then there are 6 threads from 2018 still stickied, if my count is correct, but I doubt any of those coasters will be delayed for four years from today.

Or I guess we could re-sticky the Kiev Respublica thread we lost patience with three years ago, but which might look like it could be restarting again. That one was from 2013.