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Do you re-ride water coasters?


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I rarely reride water coasters once I've got the cred. I'm not sure if it's because I can't be arsed to get wet unless I have to or if they're just crap coaster types.


In theory they should be a perfect coaster type, especially if they're like the example above. What I look for in a coaster is an adrenaline filled ride with plenty of anticipation. A good water coaster offers that. Once I'm strapped in, I know there is no turning back and shortly after a section of dry track, I will get soaked. I know the water part is always on its way. It's not a scary sensation, it's more of a nervous "how wet will I get" feeling. It's great when a coaster can focus the mind purely on what the person is riding.

Are they simply +1's or do you reride? Are they a gimmick? How highly do you rate water coasters?


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nadroJ said:
Not twice on the same visit but if I returned to the park then yes.

This, but maybe if it was really hot or the ride was particularly good I could be persuaded otherwise.

I'm not mad keen on them, but I always enjoy them too. I tend to find that the wet/thrill quotient isn't great. They're either boring and too wet, thrilling and too wet or boring and dry. If they were thrilling and a bit wet, I'd probably ride them lots :)


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Unless the the ride experience is something exceptional then I would tend to treat a water coaster as I would any other water ride - if its a nice sunny day then yes i'll go on it, if not then I prefer to give water rides a miss.

If I didn't already have the cred though then i'd probably go on it regardless of the weather.


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I'm not really a fan of water rides. I will ride the occasional log flume, but I usually skip rapids rides. I have yet to go to a park with a proper water coaster. I'm usually more concerned with keeping my wallet and phone dry than having any fun on water rides. Plus, walking around soaked is annoying.

Meh, just not really my thing.


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I really like water coasters. Poseidon and DiVertical were really nice and I rank those two in my overall top 20. So, I always try to re-ride them, unless it's too cold. Then no...


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Only ridden JTA once, and I wanted to re-ride it has it was pretty hot, although the line had got pretty long.

I'd probably ride it again if I return to SWO.


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based off RCDB's list of Water Coasters, here's the ones I've ridden.

Dive to Atlantis at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando
Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld San Diego
Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld San Antonio
SuperSplash at TusenFryd

The only one I've reridden is Orlando's JTA and that I have been on more than once in the same visit. So I guess it seems they are more of a "+1" to me..... But if I take a closer look there are reasons behind single rides for the other four. Dive only ran a couple of single row boats.... so the line was incredibly slow and the capacity was horrific. JTA San Diego was worth a second go but having only visited the park once, at the end of October it was kinda chilly and I needed to head off to Belmont Park. JTA San Antonio had a massive line all day because it was 9,000*'s during the Texas summer.... The ride also went down while we were on it (got to hang out on the second rotating platform for a bit...) and with SuperSplash at TusenFryd.... I'd have reridden it had I not needed half the credits in the park still as well as a few flats I wanted to do (it was also raining... so wetness didn't matter much) woo


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Usually I wouldn't re-ride, however when I was in Spain in July some years back, I really loved re-riding the "shoot-the-chutes" rides and other less wet water rides, so basically if it's hot enough when I'll dry up quite quick I'll do it.


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I love coasters, I love water rides. But I don't like water coasters - their boat-like cars are just too big and clunky. It feels like riding a hippo on roller skates around the track.
They have neither the gliding of a coaster or the meandering of a log flume. From the ones I have ridden, their track layouts are pretty dull and short too.
I only ever ride them for the cred, and will maybe ride again on another visit if there's no queue and the weather's nice.


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Unless I'm wearing sandals, I try to avoid water rides all together.
The feeling of walking around in wet socks all day is horrible.


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I don't normally re-ride water rides twice in the same visit. The only example I can think of when I did was with the White Water Canyon ride at Kings Dominion. And even then, it was twice. So regardless of its a coaster or not, I'll stop after one in a visit. Move on after that. But I'll re-ride it on a different visit!