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Disney's theme parks and more: what is their future?

ricky coasters

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Afternoon fellas! Reason I created this thread is because of tis' absorbing report... :

With this news outta the bag, I just wanted to fire up this conversation for this topic of what ya'll think Chapek's legacy is and could be later on, theme parks and not, his choices so far for the Disney parks and the aftermaths, what you wanna see in a new CEO for this company and what they'd add, and your overall thoughts on Disney at the moment!

P.S. I debated with myself on to put this in news or not but I felt like here looks better for this type of discussion


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I don't think Chapek has really made a dent in the parks positively. The good aspects were all in play before he took helm. Where is responsibilities lie is with changes to the parks in terms of fan favourites with now a distinct feeling of the resorts being too expensive with optional add-ons out of reach for many.

Looking further afield from the parks - this is the same feeling and negativity across the board. I think it is being said in creative areas, retail and even at board level from the articles I have seen. So not a good overall picture.

What can a new CEO do... investment in creative park experiences (perhaps non-IP additions), perhaps a new pricing structure that people can get on board with.