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Deno's Wonder Wheel Park | Phoenix | Vekoma Suspended coaster | 2021


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Took another ride on my motorcycle to Coney Island yesterday. Track work is complete and the station concrete pour is taking place this weekend. Most of these photos were taken from the walkway that will cut underneath the coaster, but will likely have netting over it once the ride opens. Love the funky turnaround that's gone up since my last visit (whatever it's called) and the tons of twisty bits!

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This one looks fun.
And I agree about the colours. Red is ok, yellow could be done. But together, it ain't pretty.


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I was invited to ride and film the coaster during testing. What I wasn't expecting was how great it's already running and taking the rides with the construction workers, who had just finished laying the first layer of asphalt around and under the coaster.
In spite of the progress being made, with the entrance ramp going up and the ride exit finished, it looks like it will be a while before this baby opens. Only the first layer of asphalt was laid because they need to wait for the perimiter fence to be installed before laying the second. However, the fence manufacturer has let the park know that there has been an indefinite delay due to material shortages because of the pandemic. Soon the owners will be twittling their thumbs waiting for the fence to be delivered.








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Anyways looks like a solid family coaster, I like the layout. Just wish it was a little larger and faster but I'd like to see Vekoma do more custom layouts of this model.
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if the current state of coney island isn't an indictment of the death of the american dream, I don't know what is. Imagine, a sprawling art deco theme park, loaded with historical significance and beautiful architecture. Sigh.

anyway. looks like a decent layout, always nice to see some new ones to enter the clone market


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This is a great image!