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Dash (Looking for feedback)


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Hello everyone,
I'm still practicing and trying to learn with FVD++. To do so, I recently built a relatively big coaster in FVD++. Maybe it's a little bit too big to be realistic, but as I said, I mainly built it to practice and to have fun. In order to get better, I would appreciate your feedback on this design, segments you liked, things you disliked, and so on, so I can try to improve next time.
Thanks in advance and enjoy the ride!
(I didn't bother putting effort into the landscape so far, maybe I'll improve it later on)


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I liked it. Quite a lot. Feedback wise, I'd say the following:
  • It's very long: You acknowledged this, and I understand it's just an experiment, so no harm really. Just couldn't not say. ;)
  • Some of the transitions seems to snap quite quickly right at the end. Seemingly happened when the track was going from a banked section into an unbanked section (say a hill) and the track started rolling back to zero nicely but felt like it snapped a bit at the end. I'm not sure if this is a figment of my imagination though, so may need looking at by someone else. :p
  • There was a bit of inconsistency in the shaping of elements. Some corners/transitions were very fast, others (like the small section after the loop after the launch) felt quite drawn out. Not inherently a problem, but stood out a bit against the more compact sections.
Positives though:
  • Good layout with a nice mix of corners, hills and inversions.
  • Very smooth.
  • Flowed quite nicely.
  • Some of the element sequences were nicely put together. I like the sections where the speed seems to keep building as you dive through corners and small hills with a 'net downward' motion.
Nice work!


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It's a nice ride, but the layout is pretty unconventional. Not saying this is a bad thing, but it felt unlike anything I've said in real life. Up until the launch it behaved like a regular giga coaster, with a mix of low turns, overbanked turns and hills. Then suddenly, it's as if turns into an entirely different coaster, with a launch and four inversions in the second half of the layout. I know Hyperion sets some precedence with an inversion on an otherwise normal hypercoaster, but it still feels a little out of place to me. Maybe if the inversions were introduced earlier in the layout they wouldn't feel as surprising when they suddenly arrive at the end. But overall, it felt like the two halves of the coasters were two separate coasters joined together. That being said, they were two pretty awesome coasters, so I wouldn't have minded riding it.


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Thanks for your feedback, Hixee and Pokemaniac! I tried to make the transitions snappy, seems like they are snapping a little bit too much. Heard the same thing in another forum I've posted this, so it's not just you. I really need to give them a little more time.
I tried to give it a bit of variety with tighter and more stretched parts as well as with the launch and inversions in the second half, because I personally think a coaster that only consists of turns with no inversions at all (hello Taron) can get boring towards the end, that's why I tried spicing up the end with inversions. All of them are zero-g-rolls in different shapes, so I think they should not be too intense. I wanted to add in a little surprise with the launch. Maybe it's too much of a mixed bag now :D
My next design will probably more consistent and compact. Probably something Smiler-like.
Once again thanks for your feedback, it always helps me to improve!