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Darien Lake unveils plans for new vertical drop roller coaster


DARIEN, N.Y. (WKBW) - We're learning more about a new roller coaster that could be coming to Darien Lake Theme Park in the summer of 2018.

Planning documents submitted to the Genesee County Planning Board show the Thunder Rapids log ride would be demolished to make space for the new coaster, which takes riders down a large vertical drop.

The coaster is still in its planning stages, and hasn't been named yet. But planning board members have been reviewing plans and will give their recommendation to the Town of Darien at the next meeting on November 9th.

The county's planning director called the new roller coaster one of the biggest investments the theme park has made recently, and the biggest roller coaster since the Ride of Steel debuted in 1999.

In documents submitted to the Planning Board, Darien Lake Holdings describes what they're calling the '2018 Potential New Ride'. While the name of it was not disclosed, park officials write that the, "size, scope and family thrill level will entice families all over the Northeast...and Canada to visit Darien Lake."

The park's general manager also explains that the new ride will improve and sustain audiences from Buffalo and Rochester, and also drive more tourism to Genesee County.

It's likely Darien Lake will have a final answer from the town on whether to move forward with the project within a month.



This ride is a clone of Iron Shark and will be replacing the log flume.

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Seems like good news for the park - at least from my foreigner perspective :D

To people who've ridden Iron Shark: how enjoyable is it? To me it seems Gerstlauer has really improved on their Eurofighter designs.


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Iron Shark is a fine, but not overly exciting ride.

This fills a hole in the parks lineup, but having been a decade since Darien Lake last put in a coaster and 18 years since they're last major coaster I can't help but feel dissapointed in this addition. This isn't really exciting enough of an addition to me to drive the 45 minutes to the park. Also knowing Darien Lake this will be running one train. I just hope it at least has the lapbars like Iron Shark...


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*facedesk* Why? Just.... why? Why the name? It's just begging for a coaster parody.

*Sigh*... I suppose there's worse names out there.


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Darien Lake Theme Park will open a new coaster, Tantrum, in May 2018. This latest capital investment is a nearly $5 million addition to the park.

Tantrum riders will embark on a 98-foot vertical lift at a 90-degree angle – straight up the coaster’s first hill. In a matter of seconds, upon reaching its apex, the train plummets into a 97-degree drop and pretzel inversion. Reaching speeds of 52 mph, the coaster snakes through the structure over a bunny hop, keeps riders wondering which way is up or down during an Immelman turn and finishes with a tilted loop.

Tantrum will be the park’s seventh coaster. Its signature beyond-vertical drop offers a thrilling, unique experience that has not previously been offered to park guests. It’s the first of its kind in New York State and Ontario, Canada.

“This ride confirms our status as New York State’s Coaster Capital and our commitment to providing guests with cutting-edge experiences,” said Chris Thorpe, general manager.

With the announcement of this coaster, Darien Lake has reduced the price of 2018 season passes for the holidays. Currently, season passes are on sale for $59.99, the lowest price of the season. On top of unlimited visits in 2018, pass holders receive free parking, free and discounted tickets for friends, exclusive pre-sale concert ticket access, lodging deals, and in-park discounts. Additionally, extra free tickets for friends, a 2018 souvenir mug with $1.49 refills and a limited edition Tantrum souvenir will be available to pass holders who purchase and visit before Memorial Day 2018.

For more information about the park or to purchase a season pass, visit DarienLake.com.


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Tantrum may be the single worst name for a major roller coaster I've ever heard of. I mean, I love it so much. I just love imagining the reviews for it.

"Tantrum is straight up fun! It throws you around in all the right ways. Sadly, Tantrum is a bit too short, especially given the wait there is to ride it. I have to say though, the Tantrum was a little bit rough and did hurt. I wouldn't want to experience Tantrum too often"

Think about what they named their multi-million dollar investment, Tantrum. Who is this targeted at? TANTRUM! I love it so much I wanna fly to Buffalo just to say I rode the Tantrum. Like, name your roller coaster off what angry toddlers often do, brilliant. Marketing team here is great, gotta love the tagline, "straight up fun!" I am impressed by the ride's ability to change colors, or moods, almost instantly throughout the video, much like a real Tantrum. Oh, this is a joyous name.


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I kinda like the name... :/

Or rather, I don't think it's awful. :p