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Coney Island and Dollywood April Vacation

Chris Coasters

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So I know this is a little late but I am finally getting around to doing it. On April 13th I went with my dad, stepmom and little brother to Coney Island on our way to Mississippi. We left early in the morning of the 13th and drove up to Brooklyn for my first park of the 2013 coaster season. We arrived and I was stunned. Driving up right next to the Cyclone and parking right next to it staring up at it I was so anxious to ride it. But, I wanted it to be my 50th coaster so we headed over to the ticket/Luna cred booth and got our Luna credits. First coaster of the season was Circus Coaster. I was the only one on the entire train Luna Park was an absolute ghost town. It went around 3 times and it was pretty fun. It wasn’t anything earth shattering but still a nice quality +1 coaster. Next me and my stepmom headed over to Tickler. I was looking forward to it because I had never ridden a spinning wild mouse before. In all honestly I liked the Circus Coaster better. Tickler just felt so blah and whatever. It was alright but definitely one of my least favorite coasters of the trip.

Now it was time for Cyclone. My stepmom and I couldn’t fit together in one seat so I rode alone and she sat with a little boy. I rode it twice the first time was god awful and rough. I was so disappointed in it. I wasn’t fastened in all the way and my spine was jackhammering the entire time. The second ride however was amazing I was fastened in so tight I couldn’t move at all. This made for a much smoother and awesome ride. The second ride really changed my opinion of it and I look back at the Cyclone quite fondly.

Next we headed over to Scream Zone. I was NOT looking forward to Soarin Eagle so we hit Steeplechase first.

Steeplechase was my favorite coaster at Coney Island I loved it. The launch was nice but not really intense the rest of it was quite smooth and riding a coaster like that with no hands is quite interesting. My stepmom and I rode it twice. Next was Soarin’ Eagle the volare. I absolutely hated it. No coaster has left me feeling so unsafe and sketchy in my entire life. I was cursing the entire oddly shaped lifthill. Soarin’ Eagle wasn’t rough or anything like that but I couldn’t stand the restraints and the feeling I was going to go flying into a building any minute had me uneasy. My stepmom hated it just as much as me. So then we ate at a knockoff Nathans place near Nathans since the line as insane. My dad was ready to leave but I said there was one more coaster. So we finished eating and we went to the ticket booth at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.

You don’t get that close to a cred and not ride it so I went and credwhored Sea Serpent. It was pretty bad but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. After my second rides on Cyclone and Steeplechase we headed out and I took some more pictures of the Cyclone and the Boardwalk.

So we headed on and drove and drove and drove until we got to Virginia. We got a hotel and called it a day. The next day we drove all day and arrived at my grandpas farm in Mississippi around 8 o clock. We spent the next week doing stuff around the farm, fishing, and spent a day at the Memphis Zoo. My dad wanted to go to the War Hammer national headquarters so we did.

My Dad posing with a gigantic figure.

We spent the rest of our time in Mississippi and then said bye to Grandpa Joe and headed out on April 20th to Dollywood! We woke up pretty early but still got to Dollywood around 3 which gave us 5 hours at the park. I felt pressed for time so we got there, ran to the gate and headed to Thunderhead.

Thunderhead I had incredibly high expectations for and it didn’t let me down. We waited about 30 minutes which wasn’t too bad considering Wild Eagle was about 50 minutes to an hour. I adored Thunderhead and it is my favorite wooden coaster. The airtime was insane the twists the turns the roll through the station everything was perfect. After my stepmom and I got off we wasted no time in heading to Mystery Mine.

Mystery Mine was incredible as well. The theming was magnificent the layout was awesome. Both the indoor and outdoor sections were great. My only other Eurofighter was Untamed and Mystery Mine just blew it out of the water by far. I could of easily spent an hour riding it. Then we headed over to the coaster I was looking forward to the most Wild Eagle. Wild Eagle is my perfect coaster. It is a good speed nice drop smooth throughout and incredible inversions. I prefer a ride on it than a more forceful ride on Skyrush. That’s why I have Wild Eagle just above Skyrush on my count. After Wild Eagle we went over to a ride I had horrible expectations for because the only other arrow I had ridden was Canobie Corkscrew which is dreadful.

I was surprised at how smooth Tennessee Tornado really was and the drop into darkness and loops were incredible. Another quality closer that surprised me on how good it was. Then we headed over to a coaster I had no idea how it would be.

Blazing Fury was unique and cheesy and the drops were so so. I liked it more as a dark ride then a coaster as most people would probably say so at best it’s a +1. Finally we saved the best for last Sideshow Spin. God awful kiddie cred and did it just for the inner cred whore in me. After this we ate some amazing southern pulled pork and I got rerides on Wild Eagle, Mystery Mine, and Thunderhead before the park closed. I purchased a couple Tshirts and we headed home. We stopped in Virginia again and then spent the whole Sunday driving back home to Massachusetts.

This was my first attempt at a trip report and enjoyed doing it. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. I had no trouble uploading pictures in the ORP's topic but then it said that I removed them from photobucket which I didn't I moved them to a new folder could that have done something to it? if I have any trouble with these pics could someone suggest what to do about them. Thank you for your help and thanks for reading. :--D