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Coasters that have been modified


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I was thinking about the few lacklustre coasters that were rotting away but brought back to life when Fred from RMC got his Grubby hands on them.

Aside from RMC and Gravity Group conversions, can you think of any other coasters (or rides in general) that have been converted, either by theme or track modification?

(I'd like to point out that adding VR does not make a coaster mod in my mind!)
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Phantom's Revenge and Dodododododododonpa first spring to mind. I'm sure there must be some others. :p


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Would The Incredible Hulk count as well? It has been re-tracked last year with some added features. However I don't know if they only re-tracked it or even added some new ride elements on it.


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There are plenty of woodies out there that have gotten slight re-profilings over the years as well. Thundercoaster, Boulder Dash, Ghostrider, probably many others. Son of Beast, even, which had its loop removed. And then its... everything... removed as well, a few years later.

For a more classical example, Maverick at Cedar Point. It was modified before it was opened, though, not sure if you'd count that. Then Daidarasaurus might be a better example. This overly long Japanese coaster was the result of two racing coasters being merged so they followed one, looooong track.

Six Flags also has a history of this, since you've included rethemes. Turning X into X2, Medusa into Bizarro, Superman into Bizarro and back again, every licensed ride at Geauga Lake into bland non-denominal themes, probably many others. And every coaster at Six Flags New Orleans was turned into a water coaster, briefly.


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Batman and Robin the Chiller at Great Adventure..... Both removed their INCREIBLE inline twists (possible the greatest inversion ever!) for a stupid side-to-side bunny hill..... To then have the ride run just a few weeks before closing forever. https://rcdb.com/424.htm#p=19148

Kennywood and Thunderbolt from Pippin, adding the while "bowl" midride section.

Tornado at M&D having its corkscrew removed in favor of a banked curve. https://rcdb.com/1070.htm#p=16315

Zoom at Yoyo Land... went from a pretty fun looking Tivoli coaster to a basic oval with one drop. https://rcdb.com/2239.htm#p=38792


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Jubilee Odyssey.
Didn't they swap an inversion for an overbanked turn not long after opening? Kept stalling in high winds or sumat.
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Don't forget train modifications! (disregarding addition of speakers/train light-weighting)
  • Sheikra (Floorless conversion)
  • Rougarou & Cedar Fair Stand-Ups (Floorless conversion)
  • General wooden coaster train swapping


Big Dipper at BPB was lengthened in 1936. Originally it took a right turn after the second drop and went down towards where the Nickelodeon Streak turnaround is now. In 1936 to make the ride more thrilling it was lengthened to its current layout.

Also at BPB the Wild Mouse was rebuilt in the 60s to include an extra level. Previously it went into the ditch backs from the top of the lift hill, but the lift was made taller to include the large first drop.

Colossus at SFMM had its double dip replaced by a brake run (1991 I think).


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Son of Beast was definitely modified when they took its loop out to handle the lighter Gerst trains that were put on it. I actually never rode it after they did that, the drop and loop were the only enjoyable bits of that god awful piece of machinery and without the loop it simply wasn't worth the beating.

Intimidator 305's first turn was also reprofiled after its first season to keep it from holding those full five Gs for too long. Getting that much friction on the wheels was causing the poly to melt and was costing the park bigtime. The temporary solution was a series of magnetic trims on the drop, but once 2010 was all said and done the park had Intamin modify it. So instead of that 270 degree turn hugging the ground all the way around, it stays on the ground part of the way and then starts climbing into that first hill early, working against gravity to slow it down and take the stress off the wheels that would normally come with a turn that intense. Such a shame, they did all that work and it still isn't a ride I find to be that exciting, though riding it post-modification I will admit it now has the best drop of any giga without the trims on.

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According to RCDB, Gold Reef City's Tower of Terror originally had a traditionnal lift hill replaced by an elevator lift system inside the mine shaft!


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Not exactly the most groundbreaking modification but since Blackpool has been brought up I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the work Biggun had done to the first drop and turnaround. I've heard the first drop was even snappier than it is now.

In terms of a change of theme, remember when Raptor Attack at Lightwater Valley used to be Sewer Rat with those creepy looking trains? Classic times.


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Didn't they swap an inversion for an overbanked turn not long after opening? Kept stalling in high winds or sumat.
Not exactly, the original overbanked turn had to be lowered as the train kept stalling in high winds, modifications were made to the sidewinder too. I think actually the overbanked turn 'horseshoe' as vekoma call it has been modified 3 times in total.

In the time the coaster has had to loosen up (and if you've ridden it recently 'loosen up' feels more like completely worn out) it tends to stall less but also doesn't run as fast and is barely requiring use of the brakes at the end of the track. In 2002 the first set of brakes weren't enough to stop the train it was that quick.

Now the track has been painted yellow it's stalling again due to the extra thickness of the track but give it a season or two the wheels will wear through the yellow paint and it'll be back to running how it was.