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Coaster "mesh"


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I was wondering if any of you knew where and why coasters use this mesh on the sides on the track. I was assuming it was to catch fallen items over paths, seen here on Mako:


...but Galactica, which goes over many paths, dosen't have any:


Are some parks required to use mesh by law? What is the purpose of this ENIGMA?!


Captain Basic
Yes, it is meant to catch falling items. The difference between Mako and Galactica is the restraint. Mako, and other hypers, are very open and susceptible to items falling out of the hands/pockets of a rider. Flyers, however, have full vests, lap bars, leg flaps, etc. Super restrictive, therefore making loose items near impossible to fall out.

Similar rides might not have nets, but they'll have a structure with a roof directly below the track. It works the same way.

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Also, different countries enforce different regulations at different points in time. Galactica is relatively old whereas Mako opened two years ago - it's a possibility that England did not have any sort of regulation regarding objects falling from rides like there certainly is here in the United States.


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Yeah, as stated by Antinos, it depends on the different countries (and even States in the USA) as to which coasters need it.