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Clothes: Comfort or Fashion?

Comfort or Fashion

  • Comfort

    Votes: 18 78.3%
  • Fashion

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Giga Poster
Do you buy your clothes based on how good you look in them or how comfortable you are in them?

I buy based on looks, 'cause I'm a shallow bitch.


Strata Poster
Comfort. Why the hell would I spend 3 times the money for something with just the label difference just for people to think I'm "better" when in fact I think people who only buy by designer and criticize anything else are smug assholes who need a life.

Jason Voorhees

Hyper Poster
Depends where I am going. Kids would laugh at me for wearing a tux to school, but I looked like such a king pin.

Just a day where I am doing nothing, comfort.


Strata Poster
Depends on when I'll be wearing it, I've got a few pairs of trackies and t-shirts that are comfy to wear around the house but I'd not be seen dead wearing out in public.

In general though, a combination of the both is key, I won't wear something uncomfortable because it's branded, but I won't wear some amazing comfy item of clothing (like a onesie) if it looks silly.


Mega Poster
Comfort. Unless I'm going somewhere formal, its just jeans/cargo shorts and a T-shirt. Obviously I pick shirts that I think look good, but comfort goes first.


Giga Poster
My mum chooses clothes for me. I get absolutely no say in the matter :) . My preference would be comfort, but as I said my mum says 'ooh you'll look good in this, must buy' even if I despise it. Tbf though I don't show much interest when it comes to clothes. :)


Giga Poster

You could put me in the most expensive designer clothes on the market, I would still look like utter ****.


Strata Poster
Jason Voorhees said:
Depends where I am going. Kids would laugh at me for wearing a tux to school, but I looked like such a king pin.

Just a day where I am doing nothing, comfort.

I did when I went to school and started a trend. Maybe you could.

To "contribute" I prefer comfort, but I like to at least match my outfits. Buying clothes purely to look good and look above others is rather ridiculous imo.


Staff member
I don't think there's any kind of issue with being fashionable to be honest. Other than the fact that fashion does tend to be designed for a specific kind of person. If you don't fit within the body dimensions, age, etc that it was designed for, probably not good.

But yeah, wearing something that makes you feel good because it makes you look good? Nothing wrong with that at all. It's when people wear fashion because it's got a name on it and don't seem to look in the mirror and think "I look like a twat".

I've never done it with "fashion", but I know the positive feeling of looking good within a smaller group style. Even when I dress for comfort (most of the time), I try to look minimally presentable (theme parks are an exception, that's comfort/practicality all the way :) ).

So no, no fashion for me, but I don't have an issue with it as long as people actually look at themselves before putting on something clearly designed for somebody completely physically different :)


Coaster MILF
Fashionable clothes tend to look ridiculous on me, I don't have the body shape or the self-confidence to pull them off. I tend to buy clothes that I think look good on me and that are comfortable.

Shoes on the other hand....<3 :lol: