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Closest coasters to a “Jack of all trades”?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I was just watching a POV of VelociCoaster at Islands of Adventure, and I was thinking to myself; it might genuinely be one of the world’s most varied roller coasters in terms of the sensations on offer. And that got me thinking; what are some of the closest coasters out there to a genuine “Jack of all trades”, a ride that offers a little bit of everything? A ride that as opposed to the one-course meal of one type of sensation that many roller coasters offer, offers the rider an all-you-can-eat buffet of many different types of sensation?

As the opening paragraph implies, my first nominee for this category is VelociCoaster at Islands of Adventure. And that’s because I think it genuinely looks to have a bit of everything; there looks to be quite a bit of airtime, but also some nice inversions and sections of positive g-force. It looks to have plenty of rapid transitions and more aggressive sections, but also quite a bit of nice, floaty hangtime. Even though it’s a thrill coaster, I also think it makes an excellent stab at the thematic side of things; the pre-show, queue and futuristic station look brilliant, while the first half looks phenomenal with all of the near misses, rockwork and raptors! I reckon that regardless of what you like in a roller coaster, everyone will find something to like in VelociCoaster, and I think that’s a genuinely remarkable feat, personally.

I also reckon that Helix at Liseberg would be a solid ride to nominate for this category. Even though on the face of it, Helix looks very inversion-orientated, a watch of the POV suggests that it also has a fair few sustained airtime moments, and in spite of the fact it mostly looks heavily hangtime-orientated at first glance, there’s a fair few spots of force and rapid transitions. It really does look to dabble in a number of different types of sensation, and it packs a hell of a lot in; at least it looks to from a POV, anyway!

But what coasters do you think fulfill the description of “Jack of all trades”?


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As soon as I saw the topic title I thought of Helix - there’s nothing I would change about it. Really varied layout and my favourite sequence of elements on any coaster - the section coming out of the Norwegian loop that goes ejector airtime hill > zero G roll > Stengel Dive into helix around the flume and Lisebergbanan > then into the second rolling launch, is unbeatable.

edit - it’s also got a bloody great soundtrack.


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I had to think this one through, and it was hard to pinpoint. I think if we are talking strictly airtime, Steel Vengeance offers basically every form of airtime. Non sustained, pops, very sustained, floatjector, ejector, sideaways airtime. Maverick also manages to offer a great drop, launch, airtime, amazing laterals, as well as inversions.

Blue Fire is another good one in my opinion. It has some floaty-hangtime-ish moments, airtime, and then a whippy heartline roll as the finale. It has a teeny bit of everything, even if it doesn't do any of those things the BEST. I think i would say Blue Fire. Blue Fire also has good theming and music, and the restraints help as well.


Mountain monkey
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I definitely thought of Maverick when reading the thread title. It offers so many different elements in one ride that other coasters would use as their one central gimmick. Launched lift, beyond-vertical drop, ground hugging, inversions, airtime hills, a launch, Stengel dives ... it's just a little bit of everything, while other coasters would be based entirely around one of those.

Ever since it was built, I've been wondering why we never saw another coaster like it. Although I guess its staggering cost might have something to do with it.


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For a good 'little bit of everything, all-rounder fantastic ride', Taiga is the one that jumps out to me. The layout has anything and everything you'd want from a coaster, and it does it all brilliantly.

For a bad 'jack of all trades; master of none' coaster (which is what I thought this thread was going to be originally), I think Formule X at Drievliet is a good shout. Let's take a look at what it has...
-Launch and speed
-Positive G moments
-Twisty moments
-Compact, but also some spacious moments

All sounds great on paper, but all of it is a bit rubbish. The launch is probably the best part, partly because of the exposed feeling you get thanks to Maurer's restraints. But the rest? Completely forgettable, and not very comfortable. Has a little bit of everything, but masters none of it.
(Even then, it's still not a bad ride for what it is, just not a good one)


Matt SR
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As everyone is circling around, I really think the answer is the Mack and/or Intamin Launch/Blitz Coasters. Roll the clocks back 10 years, and we were absolutely infatuated with Maverick and Helix as the still-new kids on the block. Their layouts were varied and broad, featuring intense launches, inversions, tight hairpin turns, and airtime to boot.

... Granted, 10 years ago, New Texas Giant was also about to open, which would then set a decade-long course of RMC rising to their current promenence.

BUT, taking stock of the current new for 2021 landscape, especially in the US, our biggest coasters to come out are two Intamin Launch Coasters (Pantheon and Velocicoaster) and RMC's tallest/fastest feat yet (Iron Gwazi). I would argue the Intamin coasters are getting the bigger hype though, as their approach to Launch coasters still remain fresh and varied, adding in even more variety since Maverick's debut. And to not leave Mack completely out of the picture, Steel Taipan looks equally impressive as their latest launched design.

Steely Dan

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^ Agreed.

I've never ridden coasters outside of North America, so I can't comment on Helix or the other Euro coasters being mentioned here (though Helix does indeed look like one hell of an amazing and varied coaster from its POV), but within that constraint, I'd have to say that Maverick is the most "varied, all-rounder, little bit of everything" coaster I've been on to date.

And yes, both Velocicoaster and Pantheon look like they'll belong in the conversation as well.


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Do we just mean ‘good all rounders’? The phrase ‘Jack of all trades’ infers (as a negative) that the subject doesn’t excel at anything in particular.

The full common phrase is ‘Jack of all trades; master of none’.

Looking for a master of none there is : Gekion Live Coaster

Spinning (a little bit) / Inverting (1 roll) / Indoor ( 🤷‍♂️) / was part Shooting Dark Ride, now a rhythm game whatever that is / Launched (mild with tires)


Strata Poster
I mean, it's Helix innit? It just is. As the 'Master' of all trades, that is. It does a lot of different things, and does them well. Really well.

As for the 'Jack' of all trades title, I'm going for Maverick. Controversial opinion alert - I don't like Maverick very much. Sure, it offers a mixed bag of elements but none of them really stood out to me, nothing special about any of 'em. In fact, the only thing that stood out to me about Maverick was being launched straight into a ... a bloody trim brake!! 🤬
How a ride that launches you straight into a trim brake gets so much love from enthusiasts is a constant source of bewilderment to me.