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CF Speed Build Competition | Round 4 | VOTE for your winning layouts

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Nicky Borrill

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All entries are in, and it's time for you to pick your favourites from the entries listed below.

Please pick your top 5 entries, from 1st to 5th. Voting purely on the layout alone, please ignore any theming or landscaping, this was added purely so you do not have to watch multiple 'Car Park' coasters!!! It's the layout you're judging. You should base this decision on the coasters you would most like to ride.

Points will be awarded to the contestants chosen for each person that votes as follows: 1st = 5pts, 2nd = 4pts, 3rd = 3pts, 4th = 2pts and 5th = 1pt

Please also pick your choice of 'Most Realistic Layout' considering things like forces involved, likelihood of existing etc etc... As well as your pick for 'Most Original Layout' considering things like completely new elements, elements new to the coaster type, etc.

I will put a voting template at the bottom of this post.


Some additional rules for contestants only:

  • You MUST vote, or face a deduction of 5 points from your allotted total.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.

You have until 9pm GMT on Monday 16th May to vote.

As a side note, for anyone unaware, the reason we're judging layouts and only layouts is because these coasters were designed using different software packages, and some of those packages offer a serious advantage when it comes to theming, so this is to keep a level playing field. For example, PlanCo, is a park designer, and naturally has more theming options than NL2. On this basis I also want to mention that layouts and transitions, particularly in POVs, tend to look a lot smoother in NL2 than they will in PlanCo, RCT and Parkitect.





Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/cf-speed-build-competition-round-4-entries.45513/post-113343


@Matt N

Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1133484



Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1133942



Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1133991



Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1134003



Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1134233



Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1134307



Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1134377


@Rollercoaster David

Video - [MEDIA]

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ompetition-round-4-entries.45513/post-1134381


When voting please use the following layout as a guide / template.


Overall Top 5

1st) @Nicky Borrill
2nd) @Nicky Borrill
3rd) @Nicky Borrill
4th) @Nicky Borrill
5th) @Nicky Borrill

Most Realistic Layout: @Nicky Borrill - You can put some reasoning here if you wish

Most Original Layout: @Nicky Borrill - You can put some reasoning here if you wish


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1st) @HeartlineCoaster - Really enjoyed the wacky, inventive elements and loads of hangtime. Those first 2 inversions would be absolutely wild in real life.

2nd) @Niles - Though it’s a long ride, the layout is well-paced with multiple surprises and unique elements throughout. It’s inspired me as well...

3rd) @Matt N - This is my favorite entry of yours so far - it’s a noticeable step up in quality. The smoother trackwork and original elements go a long way (in my opinion).

4th) @Leon_K - Like Matt’s, this is also my favorite entry of yours so far. I have always appreciated your smooth trackwork, but this layout is exciting and fairly diverse too.

5th) @Rollercoaster David - A pretty inventive layout with some unique elements as well. I especially like the outer banking and first string of elements (from the beyond vertical drop to the first airtime hill).

Most Realistic Layout: @Leon_K - See above. The scale and elements of this ride feel exactly like a Gerstlauer design.

Most Original Layout: @FistedColossus - The constant dueling (and that part with all three trains crossing over/under each other) makes the layout much more engaging and unique.

I’m glad to see substantial improvement all around in this round's entries. Hoping we'll get to build RMC Hybrids next round to finish the competition on a high note!

Nicky Borrill

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I’m glad to see substantial improvement all around in this round's entries. Hoping we'll get to build RMC Hybrids next round to finish the competition on a high note!

If everyone’s ok with it I think we’re going to do this for the last round, and carry over the Maurer as a type into next season. (Nov)

I think I’ve made an ‘executive’ decision not to have any constraints, for the hybrid, outside of the Ibox / Hybrid track type too… So you wanna build a small low launching RMC, go ahead, wanna build a giant hyper RMC go for it. (PlanCo users will need to make use of mods to build anything other than a lift hill variant of course.)

It’s the last round for this season so let’s end it with a bang! Let your creativity go wild without restrictions. :)
First up disqualification from my top list for @HeartlineCoaster for exceeding the height limit of 175ft and @Leon_K for not meeting the minimum length. Nice entries though, and your honesty is appreciated, but I had to compromise my layout a bit to fit the interlocking corkscrew requirement and the length requirement so if rounds are going to have rules I think we should stick to them.

that said -

1 @Niles - snappy and fast paced, good mix of elements, may be a bit too much at over 6000ft though! good fun ride overall
2 @Matt N - apart from waiting for a full day/night cycle to pass at the bottom of the first lift hill I enjoyed this one, good mix of elements with a loopy first half and airtimey 2nd
3 @Kw6sTheater - interesting use of switch tracks, I'm curious if it can run more than 2 trains safely though
4 @FistedColossus - The interactions/duelling bits were great but the pacing felt a bit off due to the start stop launches
5 @Coasterotter - a fun layout but the first half seems to run out of energy before the LSMs can boost it

most Unique - @Kw6sTheater

One general bit of feedback I'd give is I think POVs look better from a middle seat or above track view, as a few ones had the offset 1st left seat view which to me doesn't look as good, also YouTube video compression does horrible things to some of these fast moving 720p videos. It may be worth rendering and uploading them at 1080p even if the original recording res is 720 so it's hurt less by compression.

Nicky Borrill

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Oh no :/ this is awkward, not only because I hadn't noticed either of those, but also because a lot of people have placed you quite high @HeartlineCoaster which I'm sure you'll agree (since it was a genuine honest mistake) seems a little unfair to those that have had to take extra steps to stay within the constraints.

That being said, it IS an honest mistake, you've held your hands up to it and you've worked hard on a great layout. So I do not believe that exclusion is fair here. But it puts us in an awkward position.

Also we do not have a set punishment / penalty for breaches, so the only thing I can think of is a points deduction (from the voting points for this round, not from your league total.)

I think though, we should put it to the vote. And also the amount of points should be put to the vote. Then this will be a set penalty (per constraint breached) going forward. I'll set up the thread.

@HeartlineCoaster and @Leon_K please could you guys also vote, despite the fact that it's you guys that have triggered it this round, it will also affect future rounds. So it's important you also have a say. :)

Please go and vote... https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...-constraint-breach-penalty-please-vote.45570/


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🤣 Sorry to cause all the fuss. I have voted but I don't really mind what you do to me as it's only meant to be a bit of light hearted fun!

I will say that in my case it was treated like a constraint anyway, albeit the wrong one. Extra height wasn't something I felt my layout particularly needed to achieve anything specific. I agree that it's totally fair to put measures in place however, as of course it could be seen as a benefit to tweak those figures to suit.

Apologies again!

Nicky Borrill

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@Coasterotter and @Niles

I’ll give you until midnight tomorrow (23:59 GMT Mon 16th) to vote given the confusion etc… Then we’ll have to add up votes…

Niles in particular is in with a shout here so it’d be a shame for you not to vote :/

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Sorry for taking so long been on a coaster trip 😊

1: @FistedColossus : loved it when i saw it, yes you wait a bit at the launches but the layout is fantastic, the unique ellements and dueling aspect are great.

2: @HeartlineCoaster : This coaster has a great effortless flow, you have got some great moments that i would love to see in real life.

3: @Kw6sTheater : Really well balanced, nice mix of air and inversions, return is a bit slow but the switch tracks are a great addition.

4: @Rollercoaster David : Snappy and compact, love how you kept a great flow while keeping the coaster so tight.

5: @Thecoasterrus : This coaster is an airtime machine, i love how it dives into itself.

Most realistic: @Leon_K

Most orignal: @Coasterotter

Nicky Borrill

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Sorry guys got stuck with a load of work to do, will close the voting at midnight this evening and tot up the totals tomorrow.

Sorry again, life got in the way :/


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Suits me - I've been run ragged this week too. Keeping it short.

@FistedColossus - Loved the constant interaction with the other trains. Epic!

@Matt N - Very long and sweeping for a Gerstlauer, but a solid ride nonetheless.

@Kw6sTheater - Woah, what a coaster! Love the swing launch and backwards section. So cool!

@Thecoasterrus - Excellent work threading all of that together!

@Coasterotter - Start felt a bit like Gerstlauer's take on one of the bigger Intamin coasters, and the ending was very reminiscent of the old Gerstlauer bobs.

@Niles - There were some killer sections of high speed trackwork in this one, brilliant.

@Leon_K - Another one with some huuuuge elements!

@HeartlineCoaster - A lot of this gave me RMC/Intamin vibes, which is no criticism albeit I suspect out of Gerstlauer's capability!

@Rollercoaster David - Loved the idea of this one and another excellent knot of trackwork!

Overall Top 5
1. @Kw6sTheater
2. @Niles
3. @Rollercoaster David
4. @FistedColossus
5. @HeartlineCoaster

Most Realistic Layout - @FistedColossus
Most Original Layout - @Coasterotter
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