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Busch Gardens Williamsburg | DarKoaster | Intamin Family Multi-Launch (DarKastle Replacement) | 2023


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Zachary from BGW Fans has suggested on ParkFans that Busch Gardens Williamsburg plan to install a “Darkoaster” (a play on words from the previous curse of darkastle attraction for the 2023 season.

While I don’t know intricate details beyond what is already out there, I have been told that SEAS’ capex strategy is back to being as aggressive as it was prior to covid. As one person put it, the goal is to “invest invest invest so that we compete more effectively in Florida, and in Virginia & Texas we make Kings Dominion and Fiesta Texas obsolete within this decade.”

I think it is also fair to say that SEAS’ capex department has had a bit of an enthusiast takeover.

So, given that permits have already been filed for this project, what do we think? I’m going to throw Intamin out there to start with something along the lines of the Movie Park Studios coaster in Germany but obviously with a different theme, but I don’t know for sure!

Matt N

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Sorry to bump, but BGWFans has now done their expose on DarKoaster, as it's been coined, and it looks interesting! Here's the link to their site: https://bgwfans.com/2021/project-darkoaster/

If you don't want to read, the basic gist is:
  • Intamin Family Launch Coaster based entirely within DarKastle's building.
  • Physical track itself contains 2 launches and various twists and turns.
  • However, the ride is made longer by a very interesting trick, that has never been done before on any coaster. When the ride hits the final brakes for the first time, a switch track will suddenly come into play and fire the train down an s-bend that connects it back up to the start of the ride. As such, the ride does two laps, and this is facilitated through Intamin's new rapid switch track technology.
Here's a video mockup that BGWFans did in NoLimits:

What do we think? I'll admit that I'm a touch surprised that they haven't incorporated any trick tracks (e.g. a drop track), but I think it looks like it could be a really cool ride! That double-lapping trick in particular is a phenomenal optimisation of space, in my opinion, and I think it could open up many possibilities in terms of upping the capacity on coasters that do two laps!
EDIT: @Youngster Joey beat me to it...


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The brake and bypass could be an incredibly good fakeout moment if the theming is done correctly. Wonder if it's too much to have the theming change the second time around? Maybe have alternate lighting and projections.

What an interesting concept and brilliant use of space.


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I recently posted in the Ride related dreams topic about an indoor ride with many switch tracks that does multiple laps, that also included a station bypass of sorts...

I may have unknowingly predicted and "ridden" this ride... Hopefully, it lives up to my dream and is a great ride, it certainly looks it.

Edward M

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Looks very interesting! I feel like, with this being the fourth launch coaster in a row, it may feel a tad, obsolete? Maybe that's too strong a word, but Verbolten is just a stone's throw away and seems like a much better version of this coaster. Still, can't complain that there will be another themed indoor multi-launch out there, as well themed family coasters are underrated and underused.

Can't help but wonder when this will open? With KD planning out their Volcano replacement and this on its way, I'll probably push back my Virginia trip until the parks finish with their newest additions.


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In my dreams they would do to this what no other indoor coaster dared... and actually theme the ride instead of making it a dark box and calling it a day. Imagine if it actually like went through hallways and ****

still looks neat. its a cool idea to extend ride time. I sort of wish something different would happen the second lap (eg, spinning cars unlocking would be sick)


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I said interesting, not best. This is a really weird project.
No doubt it's weird. As I said, it's going to be a neat little project. I just personally find the complexity of Toutatis, the intrigue of Circuit Breaker at a race track, and the mystery of the Europa coaster to be far more interesting. To each their own though.