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Bollywood Parks Dubai | Bombay Express | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2021


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Aerial view of Now You See Me: High Roller (Maurer Spinning Coaser) & John Wick: Open Contract (S&S 4D Free Spin) at Motiongate :

Maurer Spinning Coaster's assembly is realised by Swiss Rides :

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I think that the layout has not been posted so here it is :

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This YouTuber went to the park, sadly he only got on a few things but here are some screenshots of the park, he got a nice high view of the woodie and I think the park looks quite nice.
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Hmm Ok so when this was announced my initial fear was oh, hope they don't ruin the stunning aesthetics of the park by just plonking the rides down. Obviously this is an aerial shot whilst still in construction phase so I'm bearing that in mind, but I am worried. The park is sooo gorgeous, namely because all of the attractions were indoor things so none of the visuals were ruined by ugly hardware and I worry these new rides ruin that a little. But like I say, I'll reserve my final judgement until it's all finished.