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Blackpool Pleasure Beach in a dead September


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So yesterday I had what was probably the best visit to Blackpool I have ever had. We went for my Auntie's birthday, and cause all the kids are back in school, the park was expectedly dead. Never waited more than a one train wait for anything (except to Icon which I will get to shortly) and it was bliss, a real change from my previous visits to the park this season. Park hours were 11-5, which was ample time given how quiet the park was. As for rides, we managed to ride virtually all the major rides multiple times. However I have a few highlight points I want to talk about:-

Reliability - This was really the only critique I had of the day, but it wasn't really the park's fault. Icon was only open for the last two hours of the day, which is something that I have experienced before (it always seems to be unreliable when I visit, just bad luck?) and of course when it did open, the entire park ran straight for it so it did have the longest queue of the day, but due to it running on two trains (great decision by the park as it wouldn't have been had it have opened on time), we didn't wait more than 15 minutes for it, and the queue quickly dispersed anyway. Aside from Icon, Sky Force didn't open until a couple of hours in the day and I did see Steeplechase and Wallace and Gromit go down at one point also.

Ice Blast - Rode it once first thing in the morning and was probably the most forceless ride I've ever had on it if I'm honest. Only rode it the once and tbh, I wish the park would just put it out of its misery.

Solo rides - Due to it being so quiet, a few rides only ended up being taken up by people from my group. These included Flying Machines and also Revolution, where it was just me and my Auntie on the front row!

Big One - Absolutely the highlight of the day - I have never seen the coaster run as fast as it did today. HOLY ****ING ****. I got decent floater on ALL the hills and STRONG EJECTOR on the hills into the MCBR and the final brake run. Not to mention there felt to be some strong positives in sections too! Honestly fantastic, and the re-track towards the end has helped a bunch too, as I have mentioned previously. I managed to sit in car 1 row 3 in the right-hand seat for one of the rides, and it was truly godly. I don't know what the park have done to the coaster this year to make it run so fast, but it felt like it nearly overshot the final brakes every single time. Mental.

Overall, the best time I have ever had at the park as I've stated. Managed to get several front and back row rides, alongside the fact most of the rides were running superbly. I highly recommend a visit to the park during a weekday in September, at least this year.

P.S:- Wrote this whole post from my phone so I apologize if the grammar seems questionable.
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