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Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch


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I love it, and I think this could even turn some members of the gp into enthusiasts since it'll be so smooth and comfortable its a great entry level coaster for people who've only rode kids ones.

The only bad thing is the colour. For the love of god please paint the supports black to look more like Helix, the orange looks absolutely disgusting. My guess for the sickly support colour is it may be tied to a Nickolodean IP.


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Scott88 said:
Owen beat me to it with the press release and video link, here's some photos;









I think/hope that the final colour scheme will be grey and white, like on these photos...


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This needs to have a full lighting package like Helix, it has to, whole project ruined without it.

As an aside, I predict this will beat the page count of The Amputator.


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Im not sure how well it's going to do throughput wise. On the animation, there are only 16pp train, and it says that on RCDB. Its supposed to run 3 trains, so I'm not sure. 1000 - 1200pph?


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Just to dispel the Myth regarding Helix and people being not happy with the layout when it was announced, sorry but that's a load of rubbish.

Here is the original layout - from 17:40 onwards;

Everyone on here was going crazy at the layout, then they improved it to how it is today, with again, everyone happy with the changes. Helix is the perfect example of everyone being happy with what was proposed, and it actually being better than imagined.

Here's the original Helix construction thread, baffling it only got to 30 pages really.


Regarding throughput, anything over 1000 pph is great, just hope they run all 3.


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^ I was going to say, people actually complained about the layout of Helix? Seven inversions, multiple airtime hills, two launches and following the terrain isn't enough to satisfy people? I mean, I get that Mack megas always look slower and weaker on POVs than they actually are, but slating the layout is just weird.

That said, this will be better than it looks too, I'm sure. With the fabulous Mack trains, the airtime moments, inversions and transitions will be loads of fun.


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I reckon they could have eased up on having so many S bends, particularly at the end (Maybe another barrel roll or some hills like the ones on Alpina blitz), but overall I don't see why this isn't as equally as good as Maverick or iSpeed. It looks really good, and fast paced!


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Literally just put these video links on here cause no one else has...

[Edit - Added POV as well - Hyde]


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Hate to say it, I'm also in the slightly disappointed camp. Given how much it was hyped by those who had info I was expecting something comparable to Helix in terms of speed and intensity. My first thought upon seeing the animation was "family coaster".

It looks better on the POV, but it almost looks sped up? Like it won't actually be that fast in real life?


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Yeah the argument that people were disappointed when the Helix layout was released is invalid.
Also, Helix is awesome, but the trick track section up the hill (wannabe Intamin - Cheetah Hunt, Juvelen) has not turned out very well in my opinion, so it makes me a bit nervous to see all those sections on this one..

Again, I think it looks like a great coaster and the interactions will make it really cool, I'm just trying to share my views on it.
Kinda sad that it's apparently frowned upon to do so in this thread and that I have to end every post with praising it so people don't think I hate it.


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cjbrandy said:

This a bit worrying, I hope Samsung Gear steers well clear!
Hopefully this won't happen. I mean, what's the point of "interacting" with 5 other rides if you don't notice because you've got a headset on?


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VR fountain show? Also the press release mentions 2 tunnels. Any idea where these will feature? I'd love the second launch to be tunneled personally.


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When I first saw the POV, not gonna lie, I felt a little disappointed too, but after re watching and analysing it, it's really grown on me!

It was probably the stats that I felt most disappointed about, but we all know, POVs are quite misleading when it comes to height and when we compare them to other rival coasters, or those in the same category, it's clear to see this has serious potential. A height of 90ft may not be particularly visually imposing, but remember, that's twice the height of Nemesis (even though it's a terrain coaster) and only about 10ft smaller than Taron? Both of those are undoubtedly two of the most intense coasters on the planet and come to think of it, Taron's layout is similarly dominated by snaking curves. Therefore, the arguments that can't be intense or filled with airtime, are invalid. It could end up being pedestrian, sure, but it all depends on how they dial in the launch.

As others have alluded to, it'll be the interactions with other rides, the support structure and the tunnels (having two tunnels is wonderful, as they can really enhance the experience) which embellish the experience. There are quite a few features which I'm really excited about which are not that clear in the video:

- That first 'top hat' element looks actually more like a really steep airtime Hill. Assuming the launch speed is fast enough, and weather conditions permit, that could well become the best airtime moment in the UK. Admittedly that's not hard though ;)
- The fist Stengel(ish) dive actually goes directly over Steeplechase...which will be awesome for anyone on either of the coasters!
- Then there's the following turn, which may well be taken very quickly as it's in some kind of trough of some kind, a little like Cheetah Hunt?
- The inline on Blue Fire comes quite late in the layout, so this may also have the whip to it - especially since it is indeed inclined.
- Definitely some airtime on the two hills before the second launch, then there's a big hill parallel to the launches which looks really good too.
- There may also be some unexpected airtime elsewhere!
- The ride time of 2:30 actually makes it a good 20 seconds longer than Helix?

Then of course, there's the chance some of it could be redesigned - it'd be really nice to see a pop of airtime before the brakes (it seems to meander a bit in the current design)and possibly a snappy corkscrew.

On a side note, are we sure the 80kph figure is legit? RCDB isn't listing it, and neither are the articles (at least the ones I've seen). Still, that's 50 mph, which is just as fast as Nemesis.

I will certainly reserve some further judgement until I ride it :p

Finally, would it be at all possible for both trains to be on the launches simultaneously? I somehow doubt it, but if they could it would be incredible...


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Well this press release has certainly got people talking, now to sustain people's interest until it opens.

Here's a round-up of some of the more... interesting Facebook statuses I came across in the Trending section...

The new owner of the Pleasure Beach has had it all wrong for some time since sadly loosing the old lady who originally owned Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it was nearly always open even late in the evenings to. Today the Pleasure Beach remains closed more than it is open. You even have to pay a fee just to look around the Pleasure Beach how wrong is this ??. Why bother with new attractions' when the Pleasure Beach is closed more than it is open these days. Central Blackpool Pier has more excitement today than Blackpool pleasure Beach at least its open more than Blackpool Pleasure Beach standing above mass amounts of Sea water

Standby by for another Tax Free loan from Blackpool council to help fund this ride for us to pay to ride, paid for with our money, ring any bells from the last tax free, taxpayer loan of £5 million pounds from the corrupt councillors which then benefited individual councillors with scaffolding companies?
Can't remember the names of the posters of these two comments, but I'm pretty sure they're both over 50, have a moustache, and live in a bungalow with their long-suffering wives who make their dinner while they complain about things. And they're both called Brian.

but that means big dippers getting knocked down and infusion because im pretty sure thats smack bang next to big dipper
I think this person didn't see the 15 interactions bit.

Cheetah hunt rip off! Not complaining though!
Does that make every launched coaster a rip-off of Cheetah Hunt? I guess maybe the colour. I can understand the comparison though, unlike this one:
Is this not basically infusion?

Just what Blackpool needs, another roller coaster! NOT!!
£16M could build a bloody lot of houses! I'm sure housing would generate more revenue than another ride at the pleasure beach!
Another Brian.

Some people are also getting confused by the Mack logo on the video, thinking that's the name of the ride.
Seen its name mack ride

Also, the bad press from all the Smiler stuff is still on people's minds:
An accident waiting to happen

Finally, I liked this comment:
Charlie that roller coaster dude was right lol wonder if he's right about alton towers getting a new wooden one too?
Tee hee!