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Black/grey/white out coasters


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It’s pretty much in the title; what coasters have you greyed out (etc.) on? Are there some which cause a blackout one day and are forceless the next (milf)? Are there some which guarantee a grey-out for many people and which certain people never grey-out on (i305)?
Do you count how many grey-outs you’ve had? How many? Are there some seats which are more intense than others (nemesis)?
All these questions and many more!

Mine are easy, Intimidator 305 and a small one once on Tennessee Tornado.

Also, this is likely already a thread so sorry just in case.
Some notable ones for me would be i305 first turn, nitro's helix, and Texas Titan's helix. I also got a bit of grey on the last enterprise i did, before it went vertical.

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My vision sometimes starts to go in Swarm's helicopter helix, but I don't know if that constitutes greying out.


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I've never fully done any of the above. I've only SLIGHTLY greyed out on 305's first turn, back before they changed it.

I seem to be immune to these feelings unfortunately.

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Grayed-out almost every single time on Lech Coaster's Dive Loop. The high Gs are really sustained and your vision is blurred for a while until the snappy ejector twisted hill instantly gives back vision. Love it!

Also the helix on Fenix did gray me out consistently. Not that inherently intense, but lasts for a long duration so vision gets blurred at the end too. Not as epic as Lech though


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The only 2 coasters I'll start to grey out on consistently are Nemesis (after the helix / into the zero G roll) and Black Mamba (out of the vertical loop and into the zero G roll). The SWARM when it's running really well will make me grey out on the low turn over the water. That's kinda of it really, I don't suffer too much with grey outs etc.


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I seem very susceptible to greying out. I've greyed out/partially greyed out on many coasters, including I305, Backlot, along with some interesting ones such as Millennium Force, Valravn, Gatekeeper, and even Raptor sometimes.


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Ive only ever greyed out on I305 on the mirror turn after the ride has done all the intense things and is about to head towards the ending.

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For me 1st ride on the 1st helix(after huge airtime)of T Express I've grayed out.
And 1 grayout on Flying Dinosaur's pretzel loop.


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I've never fully done any of the above. I've only SLIGHTLY greyed out on 305's first turn, back before they changed it.

I seem to be immune to these feelings unfortunately.
Yeah, same here — but not even on i305 — and I’ve been on a lot of the usual candidates. I honestly don’t know whether I am, as you say, somehow immune, or if I’m somehow just not noticing it.


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I greyed out pretty well in Goliath at SFMM, and The Swarm often gets me around the chopper.
My biggest ever blackout was on Vertigo at Tivoli though when I pretty much completely lost my vision. If you're not familiar with it, it's a crazy intense flat ride where you get whirled in a massive vertical circle at insane speed.


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A few come to mind...

Nitro was the first one where I noticed my vision going blurry. That helix was super intense.

Believe it or not, Millennium Force had me grey out from the bottom of the drop until the top of the overbank turn. Gatekeeper is also similar, from the bottom of the wingover to the top of the immelmann.

Goliath at SFOG, but only in the back seat. Was the helix of course.

I feel like I've greyed out on a couple more random ones, but I can't quite remember which ones.