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Best Euro-fighter


Roller Poster
Geurstlauer has made many euro-fighters all over the world. Most feature a vertical lift and a beyond vertical drop. I personally do not have a favorite, but I would like to know what yours is.


Strata Poster
I can't decide between Mystery Mine and Fluch von Novgorod, but those are the best out of the ones I've done IMO.


Strata Poster
I've actually only ridden Saw and Speed I think? Will hopefully do Fluch this year so I assume that will be my favourite, because I really don't like Saw or Speed.


Hyper Poster
Out of the 3 UK ones Saw is my favourite. It's the only one that doesn't slow down halfway round and do a load of weird hangtime stuff.


Giga Poster
Easily Fluch von Novgorod out of the ones I've done. Turns out the way to make me love a Eurofighter is to stick a whacking great launch on it.


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I mean, they're all a bit poo, aren't they?

Mystery Mine is the most memorable, so... that?


Giga Poster
Of the ones I've done (Saw, Rage, Typhoon), Saw is my favourite.

What looks the best? Well, Takabisha is technically classed as a Eurofighter, so that. Fluch and Mystery Mine look good; so does Abyss because of my love for Saw I guess.


Strata Poster
Mystery Mine has some of the worst transitions out there, but it's still my favorite, and that all comes down to the theming. The main drop and inversions are also decent.

Dare Devil at SFOG automatically comes in second, and that's all because of the lap bars. That being said outside the first drop it doesn't really do anything? Bit forgettable honestly.

Untamed is next. Pretty standard, bit shaky in a couple spots but nothing too bad. Looks nice too.

Saw comes last. Indoor section is great actually, but transitions outside are bad. Just an awkward layout.

Yeah, pretty sad that my favorite Gerstlauer is Mystery Mine. Their newer stuff looks better but I just can't get excited by any of it.


Roller Poster
Fluch von Novgorod for me, although I'd really like to try out Mystery Mine - that looks like a difference experience altogether from your usual Eurofighter.


Strata Poster
Fluch Von Novgorod. Saw is decent too. However, all Eurofighters leave me with a banging headache afterwards.


Hyper Poster
Saw *was* pretty good, but it's horrendously rough these days. There's a particularly large jolt in there that really gives me a headache. I still love the indoor section though.

I've not done that many but the only one that looks half decent is Fluch Von Novgorod.


Hyper Poster
I think Speed is a pretty solid ride - smooth, nice drop, and a good pop of ejector airtime on the bunny hop straight after the drop. It's very short but that doesn't bother me too much.

Might as well rank the ones I've been on:
1) Speed
2) Saw
3) Rage
4) Predator (same as Rage but without the sea view!)

All decent rides but nothing to get too excited about.


Matt SR
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I did enjoy Iron Shark for its tight layout, but I’d ultimately agree on Mystery Mine and it’s clever ride design and theming.


Captain Basic
Uuuuh, looks like I put Spongebob at MOA over Mystery Mine. Not the biggest fan of either, but I remember Spongebob being a tad smoother.

Either way, Monster is the superior ride and model. And ofc the fantastic lighting. <3