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B&M Coaster Rain Standard

Y. Kim

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I'm planning to ride B&M this Monday, but it is forecasted to rain less than 1 mm per hour. If it rains that much, can B&M coaster operate? I want to get information about roller coaster rain standard.
I asked the park and got answer "if it rains as much as the floor gets fully wet, the coaster closes down." but I did not get accuate number.
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Usually the only coasters that are adversely affected by rain are those with outdoor drive-tire lift hills such as Th13teen at Alton Towers but most tyre lift hill coasters are kiddie coasters. Whilst when it comes to operating certain ride models in weather conditions, the restrictions will be set by the ride manufacturer either on a ride-by-ride basis or depending on the components used within the ride. With most B&Ms only using the traditional the chain lift hill with ARB's to prevent the ride from rolling backwards.

However a park can choose to play audio in the ride queue saying something along the lines of "due to Unforeseen Weather Conditions, this ride may be uncomfortable for some to ride...", this is usually a pre-recorded announcement if the park is feeling fancy but for 95% of coasters it'll just be the Ride Operator over the speakers.


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It's not so much a B&M standard you're looking for as a Korean standard. Worldwide, yes, they'll easily run coasters like that in the type of rain you're describing.
Certain countries, Korea included, have a bit of a thing for moisture in the air - better close it down now. Never had a clear answer on what drives it.
That sounds more like a decision made by the park rather than B&M.

I've run coasters in some pretty torrential downpours and the only thing that happens is that they get a little bit faster.....