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Attractions that still scare you?

Matt N

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Hi guys. Once you’ve ridden lots of different attractions, like most of us on here have, then it’s plausible to think that the fear element of rides that less seasoned riders often experience and is commonly emphasised in the media might wear off somewhat in most cases. But are there any attractions out there that still genuinely scare you? Are there any rides that still have you nervous before you board?

I actually have a couple of examples of attractions that have scared me or still scare me a bit:
  • Summit Plummet at Disney’s Blizzard Beach - Now, even though Summit Plummet is not particularly high compared to a number of coasters or other dry park thrill rides, at 120ft, it feels absolutely gargantuan within the sphere of waterpark attractions; it towers over everything else at Blizzard Beach, and provides a level of size and general fear factor that you would never expect from Disney World of all places. Let me tell you, as I was approaching this ride, I was genuinely quite scared; no one else was up there at the top other than me and my dad, and my goodness does it feel high up there! Because it’s a water slide, I think that adds a certain element of fear to it; you’re not strapped in like you are on a dry park ride. It is literally just you, unrestrained, falling down that 120ft plunge! When I was up at the top, my heart was racing in a way that it has been on very few rides before, and even the lovely reassurance of “Enjoy the ride, friend!” from the naturally smiley Disney cast member at the top did little to make me less nervous. However, the nerves were worth it, because I’d say that Summit Plummet is possibly my favourite water slide of all-time; you get actual, unrestrained airtime plummeting down the drop, and the sense of speed is unrivalled! Even though the speedometer at the bottom registered my speed as a mere 40mph, let me tell you it felt a hell of a lot faster!
  • Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at Aquatica Orlando - I think you can just file “waterpark death slides” as a general category of attraction that still scares me, because Ihu’s Breakaway Falls really got my heart pumping! Even though Ihu’s is not as tall as Summit Plummet or even Slush Gusher, and it doesn’t have one big, sheer drop in the way that Summit Plummet does, the drop pod really adds a level of fear and suspense; the aspect of not knowing when you’re going to drop really does get your heart going! The body slide that came afterwards was fairly fast and exciting, but I don’t think I’ve ever known a start to a water slide quite like the drop pod; I almost think they’re the hydraulic launches of the water slide world, in a sense! I wonder what the drop pod slides at Volcano Bay are like; those ones have both the sheer height of Summit Plummet and the suspense of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls...
  • Jumpscare-laden spooky dark rides - Now these ones don’t scare me as such, but I always ride them feeling rather on edge for the entire ride; on my last ride on Duel, it seemed as though I was jumping out of my skin around every corner, and even the much smaller ghost train at Folly Farm still has me incredibly on edge for the entire ride!
  • Anything with actors - I know it sounds rather silly, and I’ll admit that I’m rather scared to admit it, but I have a bit of a fear of costumed characters/scare actors. Even though I know they’re not real, they really, really terrify me. Even the costumed characters and actors that aren’t intended to scare you, like the roaming characters at Disney parks, make me incredibly anxious for some reason, and I remember once being incredibly scared of a group of horror actors in County Hall in London, who were roaming around promoting some scare attraction called Fright Club or something like that. For that reason, I will never choose to do anything that revolves around actors; I’ve never done Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe, and I also haven’t done Walking Dead since its conversion. I’ve also never done a scare maze, or the Alton Towers Dungeons. I also never choose to visit theme parks during the Halloween period for this reason. I know it seems close-minded of me to choose not to do actor-led attractions, and I do appreciate these attractions from a technical and creative standpoint, but given that the costumed characters at Disney and roaming scare actors in London make me legitimately anxious, I don’t think that bodes particularly well for a full-on actor-led attraction, especially the likes of scare attractions. While the other attraction “fears” I listed above are just minor butterflies, this one is a legitimate fear that really puts me off doing this kind of attraction.
But what attractions still legitimately leave you a little scared? Or are you completely fearless?
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Any Larson Loop. I don’t like the violent hangtime, and it brings back memories of me riding the traveling version at my local fair when I was definitely too short to be on one.


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I dislike jump scares so I don't really think it's a scare thing, as there's just no enjoyment there for me.

Oblivion is always the first one that comes to mind, I've been on bigger and faster rides, and I don't have any issue with Eurofighters (beyond the vertical lifts), but Oblivion gives me the heebie-jeebies every single time. I think it's just the sheer scale of it, how imposing it is, the holding brake, and the whole area.

I could possibly chuck drop towers into the frame - it took three trips and 10 plus years between them before I got the bottle to go on Condor at PA. But unlike Oblivion, I don't think I'd go back on it now I've done it.


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Star Flyers are a weird case for me because I'm always nervous of the flimsy chains that are the only things keeping you from plunging hundreds of feet to your doom, but once I go up the tower and it starts picking up speed I actually find riding them to be quite relaxing and disarming.

S&S shot towers or anything else with a powerful launch make me nervous as well since you're never sure when and how hard it's going to hit.


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Slammer used to get me every time. Miss that big bastard.

Although it's one of my top 3 coasters I'd say Skyrush is up there. Even after 5/6 re rides it was near on impossible to keep my arms up on the first drop.

Completely agree with Summit Plummet, genuinely don't think I'll ever do that again. It's worse than one of those drop floor slides because you have to push yourself over the edge and can't see what's below you. Look at it ffs...



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Stand up floorless drop towers freak me out a little. You can't brace yourself and the height seams more alarming.

I almost worry that I will split in half, slide free of the restraints and plummet where the fall will get me.

The groin pressure isn't the issue you might expect as its all shrivelled down there.


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Stand up floorless drop towers freak me out a little. You can't brace yourself and the height seams more alarming.

I almost worry that I will split in half, slide free of the restraints and plummet where the fall will get me.

The groin pressure isn't the issue you might expect as its all shrivelled down there.
I involuntarily winced at the phrase “standup floorless”. Ouch.


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Second proper drop towers or S&S downward shots. The lack of countdown just totally unravels my nerves.

Also a vote for tall Starflyers and Modial Swings. I will gladly ride them, but with any breeze I would swear you're riding in Mach 5 winds at the top of the tower.


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The first time I rode X2 it was still X and brand new. I had no idea what I was getting into and found it totally overwhelming — almost too much to bear. A good decade later I rode it again and actually closed my eyes all the way through. Yes, a grown man and I closed my eyes, something I probably hadn’t done since I was six, if ever.

I’m assuming/hoping that the next time I ride it, I’ll take a big step toward getting used to it, as usually that’s all it takes to get over any coaster anxiety.

But X2 (and, assumedly, Eejanaika and Dinaconda) are the only ones I have left. Then again, I bet I’d be very nervous before my first ride on Do-dodonpa as well.


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I guess that depends what we mean by scare. I'd say jumpscares/actors are a little cheap and I don't really enjoy it, but I'm not sure I would say its something I'm 'scared' of. For me, I always get a bit of hesitancy around particular flat rides that for whatever reason feel more dangerous than the standard fare for me (or even just uncomfortable). I know its probably not a big risk, but I still don't like the idea of eg inverted bungee jumps (whatever they're called) or that flat ride thats just two seats at the end of very tall arms that swings you upside down... idk


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The groin pressure isn't the issue you might expect as its all shrivelled down there.
It's too many stand-up rides that's done that ;)

I'll agree on drop towers - but that's why I enjoy them so much, because they're about all that's left that DOES scare me. Especially those with a proper amount of hanging around at the top - Hurakan Condor, Atmosfear and Scream are all amazing.

I admit I'll still get some nerves while staring down the barrel of a particularly fast launch track or hanging over the precipice of a VERY big drop, though that no longer counts with the likes of B&M because I know they'll be more fun than 'scary'.


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pretty much nothing at this point? I think maybe just Bungee Jumping and even that I still did a second time. 🤷

The first time I ever did a dropbox slide I thought leading up to it would be intimidating but it was actually uneventful? I ****ing LOVE drop towers <3 and Star Flyer rides.


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Never been a fan of booster rides, especially when it's your turn to wait at the top. The one on Palace Pier in Brighton is especially unsettling. There's a 'flimsy' feel to them that means I can never fully relax. I used to love the Super Booster though. I thought it was much more fun, though much more unforgiving on male genitals! Are there any more of those things still in operation?

Also, as a disabled person, I hate the Valhalla station with a burning passion. The boats speeding through and having to basically parachute into them puts me off. I've actually only done half of it as the one time I did get on it in late 2010 our boat pretty much sank and we were evacuated half way through. Also pshyically challenging! Once a ride makes me do cardio it's dead to me.