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Arrow Hyper Titan Gets New S&S Trains


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his news came a bit out of leftfield but Titan the 1994 Arrow Dynamics hyper coaster at Space World in Japan has got new trains. The trains are built by S&S who have a deal with Sansei in Japan and look a lot like hyped up versions of their El Loco trains.

They may be ugly but they are wide open compared to the old arrow boxes.

The trains feature onboard audio with a choice of 5 songs and look a lot more open than the old Arrow designed boxy trains.

The new trains will officially be available for the public on March 20th.









And I love this bit.

In brilliant Japanese fashion they said goodbye to the old Arrow trains by writing on them with messages of thanks for their service.



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With the views I experienced past the front row on El Locos.. I instantly do not like these trains. Other than that, nice.


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There's things I don't understand...

The old trains had three rows of two per car. The new ones only have two rows of two. It's nice that they're wide open and not restrictive at all, but Space World has six coasters - is capacity not an issue?

Why are they not articulated like all other rolling stock except PTC's? Why don't they have suspension? The park had an opportunity to make the ride smoother (I'm assuming it rides the same as Magnum) but with the bogey design employed by these trains, I don't see it having a better ride.

Finally, this leads me to question how much life Magnum's trains have left. I absolutely adore Magnum, but I've despised those lapbars for nearly 15 years.


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Arrow hyper trains are perfectly OK, there are far worse around. And the front of them, especially this one, looks really cool. Why would you make the change?


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Are these attractive trains? Not really. Is it neat that they are able to update ride comfort/add new tech? Sure.

I love the nostalgic futuristic look of the Arrow hyper trains - Titan's especially. Carries the same appeal of the old Disneyland monorail trains that have been reintroduced.

As for retrofitting other Arrow hypers, it would be interesting if Big One or Desperado made the move. I'd actually have clearance questions for Magnum; the return run of track runs right next to supports that can already be touched at finger length. Having a greater range of freedom for riders may put up red flags.


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Very cool. Hopefully this will take some of the body-bashing pain away! :p Neat to see these coasters upgrading to new trains. The ones on SD2K seem to be working out quite nicely as well... :D