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Are You A Chip Fan?

Do you like chips?

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Mega Poster
Mmmmm chips, I love em!! I love any chips actually except oven n all those kinda crap kitchen frozen in the middle chips!! Mmm chippy chips, fries and homemade chips!! With loadsa salt!! mmm I want some now!!!!!! My boyf calls me Nadia Fries Begdouri haha cos that's all I eat when we go away lol!!!


Strata Poster
I can't have chips without anything moist.

Either Chips & Gravy/Curry/Peas ... or absolutely coated in Salt & Vinegar thanks.



CF Legend
YES I LIKE CHIPS *caps lock off* And I also like the smell of them in the chippy when there being made *sniff* mmmmm :wink:


Giga Poster
I love chips, couldn't live without them. I love the ones from my local chippy.

I really cant stand chips from some places but most of the time i love them from anywhere.


Mega Poster

Can't go a week without having chips.

I dont like microwave chips though, they turn me right off.

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
I like thin crispy chips with ketchup, like Mcdonalds chips. Fat fluffy ones i do not like at all- especially the ones you get at a fish and chip shop.


Roller Poster
I like them, but not as much as I used to. I think it's because I have them more often now. When you have lots of your favorite food in a week, the appeal gets lower.