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Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024


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So many good options already but I'll add put over the secondary Hotel entrance (so then close to the origin).

Or instead of having fake track sprouting out of the ground use actual old track.

I like the garden idea, have a sculpture installation somewhere in the actual gardens or a Nemesis Henge.


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I suppose we could see some sections re-purposed within Forbidden Valley itself. It could be used quite effectively come to think of it.

Matt N

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According to a recent interview from John Wardley, the ride will reopen with “greater storytelling” and more special effects and theming:
I’ve got to say that that sounds pretty promising to me! I’ve always felt that Nemesis’ theme could be conveyed more clearly to the first time rider, and that compared to some of the newer themed experiences, it lacks the finer details in places to really help further the storytelling, so I was quite glad to read John’s hint.

I have faith that whatever John is hinting towards will help to enhance the storytelling and make Nemesis’ story clearer as I said above.


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As long as they don't remove anything that makes it good!

Here's an idea for a new effect. How about making the monster's eye in the picture above blink.

Knowing Merlin though the blinking eye would break after opening weekend.

I honestly hope they keep it simple, all we need is waterfalls and LED's on the train like on Monster at Gröna Lund.


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Nemesis kind of set the bar for themeing in the UK for many years. Would be great to see them set a new bar.
I'm just worried that Merlin will chuch an obligatory shipping container in there somewhere.
surprised that there hasnt been a Maersk sponsered ride at a Merlin park yet.


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if it wasn't Wardley saying it then I'd just hope the extra effects would be the nemesis' eye mentioned above might roll every half an hour for pure humour :p
but as he said it himself it must be at least some substantial added theming? xD


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I reckon rather than a blinking eye animatronic, perhaps the eye being animated from an internal projection might be more reliable, and allow the eye to digitally blink/look around as the coaster (now quietly) roars around the track.

Tbf I'd love to see the station re-imagined and with fresh paint, and the rocks cleaned up a little, anything else is a bonus for me! I quite liked the stylisation of the new posters regarding it's closure, so a refresh of it's branding would please me too, although I know how iconic the original branding has become.


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Ehhhh, I'm pretty indifferent to the idea of new stuff. The theming and style is great as is; why fix something that ain't broke?

So long as they can find a solution for the red waterfall to return, I'd be happy.