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Alton Towers 26/03


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Another photoless Trip Report from yours truly so here goes;

Got to Alton Towers about 11.00am - this was my first trip since my horrendous Scarefest visit last year ( viewtopic.php?f=31&t=36930 )

Using the free tickets I'd blagged from that we got straight in. The park was a little busier than usual for midweek due to the teachers strike I believe but still nothing major.

There was a lot of work going on at Cbeebies Land, I actually had a minor goon moment and wished I could have took a look around - as a father to a four and a half year old it's quite an exciting development. The Towers Street Trading shop is full of Cbeebies **** already.

Anyway, I was visiting with my girlfriend who's never been to Alton Towers and was taken back by the beautiful view of the towers and lake as you arrive! She doesn't like rides (!) but tried a few with me. We started with Sonic Spinball (longest queue of the day, circa 20 mins) - she didn't like it at all and even told me she had started praying for her safe exit of the ride during it!

We then went onto Oblivion, I'd managed to convince her to give it a go but it broke down in the queueline so we left and went to Hex. She really liked Hex and the story that went with it - it still to this day messes with my head too much and makes me feel ill (as does the spinning tunnel in Duel!).

After this we did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - this was my first go since it opened back in 2006! I couldn't remember it at all - was pleasantly surprised. Girlfriend likes all the Roald Dahl books and was impressed. The elevator was pretty cool - some boob-jiggling moments too ;)

We then went on to Rita which had a ten minute queue. I genuinely felt sorry for her on this, I've never seen such fear in a person. Having said that we then did Th13teen which she decided she liked apart from the first drop.

We got the Skyride over and went straight to the Pizza & Pasta buffet. Service was slow - I don't think they were expecting the number of visitors due to the strike. I don't think ANYONE was expecting the snow either which forced people indoors somewhere! (It was only light snow for a short time!)

I'm losing all interest in typing the rest of this out and I'm sure you're losing interest in reading on (don't know why I decided to type it up!) but after this we did the Rapids, Flume, RMT, Duel, and Nemesis Sub-Terra togethor. I did Nemesis front-row (zero queue!) and Oblivion (zero queue!) before we headed back home.

All in all, a good day, helped by the short queue times and made amends for October.


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^ oh I forgot lol. I went to join its 20 minute queue at half 4 (after Oblivion) but it had broken down (lol).