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Adventure Island | Adventure Inside | Indoor Fun Park


Roller Poster
Adventure Inside is our Brand New Indoor Fun Park, located on the old Blackbeard's Pirate Adventure site, it will feature one of the regions biggest soft play centres, and a selection fun family rides! So if on your next visit the weather takes a turn for the worse, do not worry, we've got it covered...quite literally!

Construction is now well underway and we thought we would share with you a selection of the latest construction images taken today:

Exterior to Adventure Inside

New Rides!

Entrance Plaza, will feature the Carousel, reception area, coffee shop and a classic Choo Choo Train.

Carousel, featuring a variety of images from Southend Past and Present

Looking down from the entrance plaza, Smiles Per Galleon

Smiles Per Galleon

Our currently unnamed Pirate Twist n Drop Tower

Bounce Spin

Drop Tower, with the Play Stack in the background, this will be themed around our park mascots and feature slides, obstacles, rope bridges plus more!

We'll keep you posted as work progresses! :)


Strata Poster
Re: Adventure Inside - Adventure Island Southend

That play area looks immense. Hopefully it's a lot more colourful come opening.


CF Legend
Re: Adventure Inside - Adventure Island Southend

Thanks for keeping us posted on the construction of this. Looks great for kids, sure it'll go down well.


Giga Poster
Re: Adventure Inside - Adventure Island Southend

Excellent for families on a rainy day, looks fantastic for the park, the play area looks crazy!


Credit Whore 2016
Re: Adventure Inside - Adventure Island Southend

Can't wait to see what this will look like when it's finished. Really nice addition to the park. Let's hope the soft play area accommodates adults too for some fun filled CF larks like Twinlakes <3

The only thing that could make this better is a non-spiteful kiddy cred, make it happen :p


CF Legend
This is so awesome, and in such a small space! I've always loved Adventure Islands' clever use of their limited available space, it's like a design brief on RCT.


Hyper Poster
A very good addition to a very good park could is be destickied please it's long open.


CF Legend
Just gonna throw this out there - whilst it's a fantastic investment for the park, the aesthetics are **** horribly cheap. One cohesive theme would have been delightful, but this 'jumble sale of themes' is just tacky as ****.


Hyper Poster
Saying that you notice that the pirate part is the only thing Imo that looks OK after that most of them are a array of rather dull colours the buggy bouncers area you can tell many people don't go down because it smells like a new area but realistically it's s rather good area.