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Aarhus In The Middle of Our Street - Denmark 2019!


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It has been a long time since I have written a trip report so I am moderately exciting to writing this!

@Rachel and I had been talking about doing a little trip this year and settled on Denmark. Four new parks for both of us!

After a filth o clock start from Cambridge I had the short journey to the awful Stansted Airport. It was the busiest I have ever seen it! Spoons was completely packed! So I had to settled for an overpriced and not particularly nice BK breakfast. I met Rach shortly after and after an uneventful flight we arrived in the land of Lego.

Due to the hire car company not having the car we booked, a free upgrade happened and we ended up with this beast:

It was Rach's first time driving abroad so I had to be a good passenger!

After a short drive we arrived at our first park:


The weather didn't seem to know what to do as it switched between glorious sunshine and pouring rain. First up we did:


Quite an interesting ride. Using your arms to aim and fire took some getting used to. It was then time for creds.


Quite a difficult cred to photograph. Not a very interesting cred to ride. Basically the small dark ride section as Windsor with a couple of helix's and done. meh.

Next up:


It was in the queue for this that talent spotting for the trip began. Scandinavian seems to full of beautiful people....

Overall a decent wild mouse but nothing special.

Polar X-plorer was down so we went to do this:

Amusingly the Tomb Blaster music was being played in the queue line.
A decent shooter.

With Polar still being a spiteful cow we went to eat. Opted for Pizza Pasta buffet. Was much, much better than the crappy UK ones!

Also chips on a pizza:

What a time to be alive!

Finally the main cred was ready!

Starts decent but after the #WhatIsInTHeShed moment it tails off in mediocrity, not even a quick glimpse of some penguins can save it. The vertical drop was pretty good though!

It was then time for Viking River Splash. Boring crapids with a decent drop!


Then it was time for the last cred, Flying Eagle:


A great little family/ kiddie coaster! Very fun!

We then minced around mini land and heading to our hotel.
Overall I've never been particularly impressed with Legoland parks. Too similar, too expense for what they are. Even for families I do not think they are good value.

We spent the evening at Tivoli Friheden!

They had some live music later the in the evening so we got some rides in first.

We started on Tyfonen, a spinner which only span on the brake run!


+1 and done!

Next up was Cobra, which from what I can tell from RCDB is a unique cred!!


We excepted the worst from this. It looked very rough. To be honest it wasn't actually too bad, padded restraints helped!

Next up was Dragen, my 450th woo! I must have been so excited at getting my 450th that I didn't take a photo!

The final cred was Bisvaermen:


Next up was the awesome and massive drop tower! Great views of forrest and harbour!

Then we found a hidden gem:


Basically the Call of Duty Zombies thing, the ride! It was great fun!!

The music was about to start so we grabbed a beer and some snacks!

That is it for part one! Coming up in part two:

Rach gets told off by a car
I eat some fish
And we go on a night out in Aarhus


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Ah I was hoping you'd do a trip report for this one after I saw your posts on the CF SM channels. Looking forward to this one - been eyeing this sort of thing up for a cred run at some point in the future.


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Fab stuff so far.

All the Legolands have become so 'meh' - I still have a soft spot for the original one but there's nothing exciting that makes me want to go out the way for them. That said, Ryanair do fly direct to Billund from Manchester now, and like Hixee I'm eyeing up something similar trip-wise next year because they have got +2 for me. And of course there's the the fabulous Farup and Djurs which I'm looking forward to reading about!


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I've half been tempted by Denmark again purely because if frequently comes up with £5 flights to Our House. Looks for a cred run at least.


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Our second day took us to:

On the journey we found the car loved to moan about everything! It had a really annoying warning when Rach took her hand off of the wheel to have a drink. Luckily since I am such a nice passenger I was happy to hold the cup, that had a straw, to keep the car happy!

We started our day on

Flying Bat

A very generous amount of spinning was had!

Next we did Falken, the woodie


We opted for front row. In the straight line it was great, very good airtime! However going round the corners was rather brutal.

Next up was Orkanen, @Rachel's 400th cred! The creepy eyed ride op took an ORP for us:


The kid in the second row was overcome by Rach's milestone!

Orkanen was a real surprise! Bloody awesome little gem of a coaster! My favourite coaster in the park! The way it snaps out of the tunnel is awesome!


It was then time for some lunch. We headed to the hotel to eat and sat in the glorious sunshine with an awesome view of the park. I had something that translates as shooting star and it was bloody nice:

Lunch with a view:



After lunch we went for a ride on the rapids and it bought back memories of Mirabilandia rapids from the 2015 live. Video of that

Then we headed for the kiddie cred. nothing to write home about.

Next up:


Decent launch but pretty rough.

We then rode it's not your train it's Mine Train and that was the creds done!

We then found an awesome adventure course, which was pretty challenging but a lot of fun! Highlights included an actual boat on a rope and this beauty of a photo op:


Afterward we had tired ourselves out on the adventure course we headed for some re rides. Then called it a day and headed back to our hotel. We got the bus in Aarhus to check out of the city. It's not great. There isn't much there. Once you've seen the harbour and port that is it!

So we grabbed some food and went off looking for drinks. Sadly every bar seemed to have exactly the same selection of Carlsberg beers.

Thanks for reading!

In the final part:

Rach loses her Mega lite virginity
I get unexpectedly put in charge of a child
And we can't find some Porn Ponies.


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Our final day took us to a sort of bucket list park for me! Djurs Sommerland!

There was only one place to start:


First ride, back row. It was pretty good but I felt it needed to warm up a bit!

So we headed to the water coaster:




We then headed for the Intavert thing:

It has a really fab station (not pictured). Overall a decent family coaster but was a little rough and didn't hold up the lovely Vekoma the previous day. Now there's a sentence I didn't expect to write.

We then went to do the kiddie cred nearby. Rach and decided to sit in different rows for a more comfortable ride. Out of nowhere the ride op moved a child and sat them next me. The mother then started asking me questions in Danish and didn't speak English. Turns out she was asking me to lower the child's lap bar. Rach found this all very amusing.

We then did

Was an excellent mouse, very enjoyable. We even re rode it later. To our disbelieve a very heavily pregnant lady tried to ride in front of us.

Next up we did Juvelen:


A really fun coaster. Great front row!!

Next we tried the bread on a stick ride:


Cute Danish lady in shop was not impressed with my levels of burnt. She began to scrap the burnt off with a pair of scissors......

Rach's bread looked like a cock (not pictured)

There was new thing:

It was awesome!

Next I think we had lunch. We ate at the BBQ buffet thing. Was decent.

After lunch we did the rapids and the log flume:

Then got the final cred:

We then grabbed a re rides on Piraten and Juvelen and then found some awesome Depth Charge like slides. Piraten warmed up was a different beast! Side ways airtime! Not top ten but a very decent coaster.

Then there was just enough time for ice cream and it was time to go home.

It was an awesome trip! Thanks to @Rachel for driving! Traa La La


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Highly efficient final day report there! :D

Sounds like a great trip, good job team!