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20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #2 - Lost Property

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What an idiot! I was having a tidy up of my office at CF Towers when the Abyssus POV dropped. In my excitement, I accidentally dropped a classic CoasterForce sweatband on one of our pages and I can't remember which one.

Please can you take a look through the main site for it? I know it's on one of the pages somewhere. I was reading the news articles at the time, so it'll probably be on one of those.

Tell you what, first person to find it, and posts the page link and screenshot of it in this topic can have it. I'll send to them through the post. It looks like this:

Thanks for hunting for it!

Small Print
1. Competition open to CoasterForce members who joined before 9th February 2021.
2. Competition ends when first member posts location link and screenshot in this topic.
3. You will be required to give CF an address to mail the item to, so please get a responsible adults permission before entering if you are a minor.
4. Please see CF's Terms & Conditions for everything else.
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