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20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #1 - Batman...Forever


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I joined almost 10 years ago. I'd just left a job after 10 years and decided I'd get a Merlin pass and spend the year traveling the country going to the places I'd always wanted to. I'd designed toys for Chessington and Thorpe so finally got to go there (my toys, sadly, had long gone by then). As I kept checking the CoasterForce site for info and news I thought I may as well sign up to the forum, and here I still am. I'm busier now so don't go to theme parks nearly as much as I'd like, and consequently don't post much but it's still fun to read.


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I joined in 2013 back when my interest in theme parks and roller coasters was starting to flourish. I think my main reason was to find a forum that wasn't like the idiocy of TPR. For a long time I lurked and kept up to date. It's only been the last few years I've got a bit more involved and connected more here. I'm really hoping to get to some meets when we can do that again. What brings me back is the great quality updates in the construction sections as well as seeing other people's trip reports.


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I joined in May of last year, after Robb Alvey himself banned me from TPR after I publicly disagreed with him on how he ran his forum
Another TPR refugee here!

I'm sure there are lots of people with examples of bizarre behaviour from Robb, but here's mine.

On a thread concerning an organised TPR European trip, he castigated some of the attendees for not sufficiently tipping an Italian tour guide. A member piped up to say that a 20% tip was a bit excessive. They were banned.

I came to their defence and pointed out that the culture of tipping in the US was markedly different from much of the rest of the world and that an Italian would probably not expect a 20% tip.

Account immediately suspended!

I got a notification yesterday that I joined CF five years ago. It's a far more pleasant place to be.


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Is it too late?

Anyways, I joined CF during Steel Vengeance construction; I was so excited that an RMC was finally coming to my home park! After TPR started banning people for sending photos of the construction, I decided that this forum would have been the better of the 2 for me to join.


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And that’s it! Some wonderful stories, thank you for sharing.

I wish I could give everybody a prize but there can only be one winner. The name drawn out the hat is...


... @Sky!

Congrats, Sky! Please send me your name and an address to me by PM or by email ian@coasterforce.com

Please do keep your joining stories coming...who knows there might be another surprise in store 😛 Another giveaway exclusive to your awesome forum goons soon!


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Now that we have a winner (Congrats @Sky) I guess I'll tell my story. Although I've been riding coasters for most of my life, it wasn't until my son was 7-8 years old and started really getting into coasters that I began visiting parks more than the once a year biker gang road trip to Six Flags Great Adventure.
After another four years of many family visits to all the local parks (SFGAdv, Astroland, Dorney, SFNE, Hersheypark, Rye Playland and the infamous Action Park) and Cedar Point, the wife and I decided to plan a 10 day summer trip to amusement parks up and down the East Coast to feed the kid's desire to visit "somewhere else". Since we had only done day trips before (Cedar Point isn't far from my sister's home, so that was also a day trip while visiting her family), I decided I needed help planning the trip.
The internet search was on to gather as much info as I could, but all I could find were discussions about how some coaster had a 87.9° drop and not a vertical drop, etc. Then I found the trip planning thread on CF and signed up to ask for help. The following day there were loads of replies and a site team member (CP6) offered to help me plan it all out. Needless to say, the trip was better than we could have ever done on our own and I posted a huge trip report when we returned as a thank you to everyone for their help. Before you know it I got to meet CP6, UC, @Snoo, @LiveForTheLaunch, @Antinos, @MouseAT, @Ben & Jake in person and Ian asked me to join the team.
Who would have thought asking for help from CF members would change my life forever?!


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I suppose I could do something similar...

I remember first getting into coasters after a visit to Legoland with the Cub Scouts back in... 1999ish? I hated (HATED) Dragon, and it put me off riding coasters for years. It did, however, spark something deep down about the hardware. There was something about the track/train (I was mad for Brio, Hornby, Scalextric, etc as well as Lego and Knex at the time) that appealed to me.

We went to Disney Paris in 2001, and I was still struggling to get over the fear of riding the coasters. My brother was (and still is) fearless though, and coaxed me on to Big Thunder Mountain, which over the course of the three-four days we had at the park I grew to love. I rode Rock 'n' Roller Coaster too, although that was mostly because I couldn't actually see what it was from the outside - there's no way I'd have ridden it otherwise.

Not much for the next few years, until we went to Alton in 2004 and things started to change. Reluctantly I rode Nemesis, loved it, and then had the courage to ride Oblivion. That was it then - fear conquered. I would still get nervous before riding coasters, but at least now I'd get on almost everything I came across.

Trot through the next year or so of obsessing over Roller Coaster Tycoon, and the subsequent hours and hours of scouring the web looking at pictures of coasters all over the world. There was a dawning realisation - these things are everywhere. After a while I started to notice similar things - several of these coasters have one of those loops with a corkscrew in the middle (Cobra Roll, by the way) - I wonder if there's a name for that? One day, during some random coaster based web browsing, I stumbled across CoasterForce's "Inversions" page - holy moly!

Then I found out CF had pages for elements too, and coaster types, and coaster manufacturers, and different park guides, and wow! I printed off basically the whole main site so I could study it. At one point I bet I could have quoted you these pages word-for-word from memory.

There was always one bit of the site that I never quite understood, though. The tab labelled "CF FORUMS". It was dark, there were lots of people, they were talking about things I didn't really understand (wtf is Bagatelle?!) and they all had hundreds of posts to their names. They all... knew each other?!

After a year or so of lurking on the forums trying to figure things out, my family had booked a trip to Florida. I think it was time to make an account - I needed these people's advice. I signed up in May 2006.

Sometime around spring of 2008, Ian sent me a PM asking if I was interested in joining the (then) Site Team. I'd be able to edit those inversions/elements pages and write park guides! Back in those days editing the main site was an ordeal. It was a very manual process, and truly took hours to do. In hindsight it was awful, really, but man I loved it. 2008 was my first Live too, which meant I was finally able to meet some of these people who I'd been interacting with on the site!

I'd say the rest is history from there...

I love this place, and the people in it. <3
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I joined in May of last year, after Robb Alvey himself banned me from TPR after I publicly disagreed with him on how he ran his forum (Don’t know how I ended up there in the first place). I lurked on here for a few months then actually started posting in November or December of last year, and now I’m here to stay, whether you like me or not.

or you could ban me I guess lol
You're not alone