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$1.2bn “Hollywood studio theme park” to be built in Yokohama, Japan?

Matt N

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According to Blooloop, as well as various Japanese media sources, a $1.2bn theme park is being built in Yokohama in Japan, a region not too far from Tokyo. The park is apparently being built on 242 hectares of land that were agreed for theme park use in April 2020, and it is said to be similar in size to Tokyo Disneyland.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that a major Hollywood studio is backing the project, and its properties will be the theme of the park. With both Universal and Disney owning theme parks in Japan already, I’m guessing it won’t be either of them; maybe it’s Warner Bros or Paramount?

No opening date has currently been announced.

Here’s the Blooloop article I read: https://blooloop.com/news/hollywood-studio-theme-park-yokohama-japan/

What do you guys think to this potentially very exciting news?


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I don't think this is "new" news as such, even Blooloop had reported something earlier ; https://blooloop.com/news/genting-withdraw-osaka-integrated-resort/ i.e. Genting (who operate Universal Singapore and (what was to be) that Fox Malaysia place (before falling out with Fox)) concentrating on Yokohama rather than Osaka.

So its likely to be Genting with some IP-license rather than something developed by "Hollywood" (but that would be how this sort of stuff gets built anyway).

Tokyo (and surrounding area) could clearly support another mega-park though, so its not the daftest idea at all.


EDIT ; here is the original Japanese media report (in English) http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13562031 that the Variety report was reporting on (Blooloop themselves were reporting on the Variety report - why they couldn't have picked up the Asahi Shimbun report I don't know ;-) )

The alleged-site seems to be out on the outskirts of Yokohama too. Sorta here I think based on the photo/map on the Asahi site.
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