1. TPoseOnTantrum

    Aeronautica Landing | Carowinds | Flat Rides | 2023

    Okee, so has been on a roll recently with uncovering major new projects. I dislike their ego sometimes (see: Tumbili revenge leak) but holy **** the results of their digging are simply incredible. This time around, after some recent rumors and teasing reported per Screamscape...
  2. dj-fireball999

    Dreamland Margate’s Future

    I think it’s no secret that Dreamland Margate is currently struggling. After 2019 being their most successful year to date since the reopening of the reimagined Dreamland, with over 650,000 visitors that year, the pandemic starting in 2020 seemed to send the park to a grinding halt. You can see...
  3. Matt N

    Zamperla Thunderbolt for Pleasureland Southport?

    Hi guys. I have some new UK coaster news for you all; according to Stand up for Southport, Norman Wallis is planning to install a Zamperla Thunderbolt at Pleasureland Southport...
  4. Matt N

    Your Reverchon/Zamperla spinning mouse count

    Hi guys. Seeing the topics that @Howie has made for Boomerangs/SLCs and Wacky Worms, I thought it might be fun to do our counts of another common ride type; the good old spinning mouse! For some reason or another, most British showmen seem to own at least one of these (some even own multiple)...
  5. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Carowinds Adding Zamperla Attraction In 2020??

    First off, as a joke, at least I'm not starting my posts recently with "I've been told" lol ?. But seriously, I've just found this image of a shipment and it looks like a Zamperla attraction will join Carowinds in 2020. The article from Coaster Net, states that three attractions they think it...
  6. Puhveli

    Särkänniemi | Boom | Zamperla Z-Max

    After weeks of teasing Särkänniemi finally revealed what their new ride for 2019 will be. My horrible attempt at translating how Särkänniemi describes the ride on their website They also shared some stats: Height - 68m G-forces - 4G Min. passenger height - 120cm (With accompanying adult)...
  7. kenny cook

    crazanity: full ride review!!

    hey y'all!! i got the chance to head on down to six flags magic mountain last night and ride crazanity a total of 3 times, so here's my in-depth review!! i'll give you a spoiler: i was pretty underwhelmed, and a lot of people i spoke with shared by same sentiment (while the ride looks insane...
  8. Matthew Fair

    Some interesting manufacturer graphs..

    Threw these together this evening. Interesting stuff!