1. Matt N

    CoasterForce’s Favourite California Rollercoasters

    Hi guys. Another month has passed by, and as such, I have a new poll for you all, if you’re willing to participate! For this month’s poll, I decided to stay within the USA, and I went with the other “tourist” state in America so to speak; this month, I’m determining CoasterForce’s Favourite...
  2. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Hall Of Shame - Types Of Rides That Deserve To Be Inducted

    Well... Its fair to say the Skywarp is the inaugural inductee into our theme park hall of shame. But I thought I'd start this discussion to see what ride types everyone else would put into it as well.
  3. Matt N

    CoasterForce’s Favourite Florida Rollercoasters

    Hi guys. You may have noticed that I just posted the results of a poll calculating CF’s favourite German rollercoasters. Well, I had so much fun calculating those results that I thought that if you guys are willing to participate, I might start doing one of these polls each month! So, this month...
  4. Matt N

    CoasterForce’s favourite German rollercoasters

    Hi guys. You might remember that back last July, I ran a poll asking you all for you favourite UK roller coasters ( A few weeks/months back, I remember @HeartlineCoaster asked me if I’d be up for bringing...