1. endermanloveH20

    if Superman The Ride was an RMC Raptor...

    I made Superman The Ride from SFNE as an RMC Raptor...
  2. maiconcosta

    Brutality Coaster - RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1565m (477ft) Height: 55m (16ft) Speed: 107Km/h (66mph) Inversions: 6 ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- The idea was to bring a station in the brutalist style
  3. maiconcosta

    Blue Lightning (RMC Hybrid Coaster)

    Statistics: Length: 819m (2687ft) Height: 31m (101ft) Speed: 80Km/h (49mph) Inversions: 3 * Station Modeling: * * * DOWNLOAD LINK
  4. Changa

    RMC Strata-Loop

    Following the merger of RMC and Larson, people could only wonder with baited breath what could come from the melding of such innovative minds. What could be accomplished with the ever-changing technology of RMC, and Larson's perfection of the concept of the vertical loop? The result was almost...
  5. maiconcosta

    The Iron Hurler - RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Since the Hurler from Kings Dominion park was revamp by RMC, calling itself Twisted Timbers. So I decided to make my version of the Hurler roller coaster from Carowinds park in RMC as well, but now honoring the original name, changing its name to The Iron Hurler. Statistics: Length: 1075m -...
  6. maiconcosta

    Dynasty // RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1323m - 4340ft Height: 45m - 147ft Speed: 99Km/h - 61mph Download link
  7. maiconcosta

    Wildcat is now Twisted Wildcat 🙃

    This is my version of an RMC reconstruction of the Wildcat rollercoaster that has just been closed down in Hersheypark. --- Statistics: Lenght: 1041m // 3415ft Height: 36m // 118ft Speed: 95Km/h // 59mph Download link *By Maicon Costa
  8. Matt N

    Is RMC-style “funkiness” always a good addition to a ride?

    Hi guys. RMC have arguably been one of the most influential manufacturers of the last decade, and they have carved out a rather distinctive layout building style that centres around (for lack of a better term) “funkiness” and weird, wacky element design that wouldn’t previously have been done...
  9. Serena

    Hornets, heatwaves and Hooters- 10 days in the US

    Ever been in a crowded amusement park in 36° heat with no shade? Ever been stung by a hornet and had an allergic reaction where your arm swelled to twice its' size so you had to seek medical help in said amusement park? Ever seen a teenager try to punch a goose? And that was just our day at...
  10. adrenaline1996

    RMC Raptor

    Hello all, Hope you're ok. Just a quick question, in regards to the RMC Raptor, on the RMC website, there are 2 layouts: Pic source My question is, which layout corresponds to the protypes (WWGL / Railblazer) and / or Stunt Pilot? Thank you! Riley
  11. maiconcosta

    Goliath by Maicon Costa (RMC Hybrid Coaster)

    __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Download link
  12. C

    Arie Force One or Iron Gwazi

    Hello everyone, which of the two upcoming RMC coasters are you more excited from an overall standpoint
  13. C

    RMC American Eagle?

    American Eagle is a large wooden dueling coaster that can be found at Six Flags Great America in Illinois. it and was the first-ever large-scale Intamin coaster opening in 1981, in the past, there has been much debate on whether this should remain open or be given the RMC treatment.
  14. James F

    Manufacturers' 'Breakthrough' Coaster

    It seems as if companies such as B&M, Intamin, Vekoma and S&S have been around forever, it's hard to imagine what the industry would look like without them. I've decided to go back and discover what individual coaster put these companies on the map and why they still have influence in today's...
  15. M

    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    Well, we haven’t heard from RMC about where will the first T-Rex coaster be located at. I’ll go over the Raptor and the T-Rex: *Raptor - It is a smaller single-rail track compared to the T-Rex track that doesn’t have to be a Hyper-Raptor or a Giga-Raptor. *T-Rex - It’s the original single-rail...
  16. IntaminFan20

    Is RMC going downhill?

    I believe that RMC are going downhill because of the new successes of Intamin and the ongoing redevelopment of other manufacturers. GCI will go down a new path with the introduction of the Titan Track and Vekoma are really starting to dominate the coaster scene over here in Europe. I think that...
  17. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Frontier City Removing Wildcat?

    So, I've checked for evidence (if you guys wanna check it out too) but Wildcat at Frontier City has no visible website anymore. Now, I'm taking this with a pinch of salt but there was also a video recorded by a member of Frontier City Thrills on Facebook that showed Wildcat, then flashed to an...
  18. Matt N

    Montezum at Hopi Hari getting RMC’d?

    Hi guys. I just found this very interesting video on the present & future of Hopi Hari in Brazil that was uploaded in November 2019, and a particular point in the video caught my eye. At around 3:30 in the video, renderings of what look to be an RMC conversion of the park’s RCCA wooden coaster...
  19. Matt N

    The first UK RMC; where will it happen?

    Hi guys. Ever since they built New Texas Giant in 2011, Rocky Mountain Construction have taken the coaster world by storm with their innovative creations. Whether it's by building the first launched wooden roller coaster in Lightning Rod in 2016 or by inventing the hyper-hybrid coaster in Steel...
  20. R

    So I was sent This...

    so my brother sent me this and for some reason the website is down for me so i cant see. am i to believe him?