1. Matt N

    Rides that you would like more if they had different restraints

    Hi guys. There are many different types of restraints out there, as most of us know. Some of them are almost universally loved, whereas others are almost universally disliked. But have you ever come off a ride and thought "I would like that so much more if it had different restraints"? For me...
  2. Nitro12345

    Tall riders on launch coasters

    Hi everyone. New here, but have been enjoying posts for quite some time. I have a question regarding the headrests on Kingda Ka and other launch coasters, like TTD, Maverick, etc. On Stormrunner my head had to be held back, face facing the sky with the top of the headrest poking my head...
  3. Coop

    Will B&M ever utilise lap bars on inverting coasters?

    So after recently riding Valkyria at Liseberg with the upgraded vest restraints I can’t help but wonder if the vests are even necessary. Is there a reason B&M still use OTSR on all inverting coasters given the amount of manufacturers using just lap bars on newer inverting coasters? The upgraded...