1. Matt N

    Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

    Hi guys. Often when at a theme park, you'll find an attraction you really like and want to reride it. Sometimes, you might even be inclined to ride it over and over. You might ride it as many times as you can hack, or as many times as you're able to queue for it for. So my question to you today...
  2. Matt N

    Parks you like more than most

    Hi guys. I noticed that the "overrated parks" thread is getting a lot of replies, so to balance that out and spread a little more positivity, I thought I'd start a thread about the parks you like more than most. So, what parks do you like more than most? What parks get too much hate in your...
  3. Matt N

    Parks with the most and least (intentionally) dark themes?

    Hi guys. Often, theme parks theme their rides with a mix of darker themes and less dark themes, but some parks tend to gravitate more towards one end of the dark themes spectrum or the other. So my question to you today is; which parks have the darkest themes and which parks have the least dark...