1. Rob Coasters

    Your most ridden manufacturers & models

    While there are other similar threads to this, the last reply on the most recent one was over two years ago and while I have seen exceptions to the 'necroposting' rule in the past, I think it's best to play safe. Manufacturers 1) Pinfari - 15 coasters ridden 2) SBF Visa - 10 coasters ridden 3)...
  2. Matt N

    Who is your favourite manufacturer of hyper coasters?

    Hi guys. With airtime becoming the new “in thing” within the last 10-15 years or so, many parks have opted for hyper coasters as a means of providing airtime. Many manufacturers build or have built hyper coasters, so my question to you today is; which manufacturer builds the strongest hyper...
  3. Matt N

    The best park in the world for each major manufacturer?

    Hi guys. Parks across the world go to various different manufacturers for their coasters, and over time, many parks have built up quite a collection of certain manufacturers’ rides. But my question to you today is; what is the best park in the world to go to if you’re a fan of each major...