1. maiconcosta

    𝗕𝗮𝘁𝗺𝗮𝗻 𝗩𝗦 𝗥𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗻: Road to War // Intamin Boom. Launch Coaster

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistics: 𝗕𝗔𝗧𝗠𝗔𝗡 Length: 549m (1801ft) Height: 50m (164ft) Speed: 93Km/h (58mph)...
  2. T

    Interview with Ignasi Guasch - Intamin Executive Director

    I found this interesting interview with the current Intamin Executive Director about his background and experience. You can check the original interview (in Catalan) and find some additional pictures in the article...
  3. maiconcosta

    Skyline - Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    Skyline - Intamin LSM Coaster 29-655 Length: 655m - 2148ft Height: 29m - 95ft Speed: 86Km/h - 53mph Download link
  4. maiconcosta

    Floresta Negra - Family Thrill Coaster

    👻 Floresta Negra (Dark Forest), It is one of the creations that months ago I wanted to put only names in Portuguese (my native language), which I ended up putting aside and are abandoned on my computer! That's why I decided to at least share the Onride POV with you.
  5. Matt N

    Mack Rides Launch Coaster or Intamin Blitz Coaster?

    Hi guys. The multi-launch coaster is becoming an increasingly popular genre of roller coaster, and two of the main players in this market are Mack Rides and Intamin. Mack Rides’ Launch Coaster and Intamin’s Blitz Coaster are two models that are frequently compared to one another; they have many...
  6. maiconcosta

    Jolt - a 15i Intamin // By Maicon Costa

    I know this Intamin model is already a little "old", but I wanted to revive it, modernizing and doing the same as this model did in the past, to be a record holder of inversions... Hope you like it! Statistics: Length: 1636m // 5367ft Height: 51m // 167ft Speed: 107Km/h // 66mph Inversions: 15...
  7. Serena

    Hornets, heatwaves and Hooters- 10 days in the US

    Ever been in a crowded amusement park in 36° heat with no shade? Ever been stung by a hornet and had an allergic reaction where your arm swelled to twice its' size so you had to seek medical help in said amusement park? Ever seen a teenager try to punch a goose? And that was just our day at...
  8. Serena

    It's the eye of the Taiga - 5 hours at Linnanmäki

    My bandmates and I exit Helsinki airport where a member of festival staff picks us up. "What do you plan to do whilst in Helsinki?" he asks. "Have a few beers, watch some bands, play the show, hang out, eat" they reply. "And you?" he turns towards me. "I WANT TO GO TO LINNANMAKI!" He laughs. I...
  9. Matt N

    Rank the Intamin hyper/mega coasters

    Hi guys. Intamin are arguably one of the most prominent hyper coaster manufacturers, with many great hyper and mega coasters under their belt; they've even made world award winners in the form of Bizarro at Six Flags New England and Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park! But surprisingly, CF...
  10. Serena

    Turn right at the 430ft drop tower - Day Four: SeaWorld and more!

    Ah, America. Land of guns, flags and patriotic slogans on tshirts in IMPACT FONT. How I've missed you and your massive coasters. It's not usually the kind of place you pop over to last minute. But I was feeling very deflated when my bands big upcoming european tour in Feb / March got cancelled...
  11. James F

    Manufacturers' 'Breakthrough' Coaster

    It seems as if companies such as B&M, Intamin, Vekoma and S&S have been around forever, it's hard to imagine what the industry would look like without them. I've decided to go back and discover what individual coaster put these companies on the map and why they still have influence in today's...
  12. mattorres

    B&M needs some competition on Wing Coaster market

    Hi guys, I was just thinking how B&M dominates the coaster market in different styles. When you think about models like hyper, giga, inverted, wing and flying coaster you probably think first about B&M. The interesting point is that B&M has competition to all her coaster models except for the...
  13. T

    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    Intamin appears to be working on their own version of the RMC Raptor... could be something to keep a look out for?
  14. Nitro12345

    Tall riders on launch coasters

    Hi everyone. New here, but have been enjoying posts for quite some time. I have a question regarding the headrests on Kingda Ka and other launch coasters, like TTD, Maverick, etc. On Stormrunner my head had to be held back, face facing the sky with the top of the headrest poking my head...
  15. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Green Lantern First Flight Will Be Retracked|Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Six Flags have just announced that they'll retrack Green Lantern First Flight rather than remove it, to 'improve the ride experience'!
  16. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Flamingo Land | Unknown | Intamin 10 Looping Coaster This is the start of many projects...planning! These documents seem to confirm that an Intamin 10 Looping Coaster (same length as Altair at Cinècitta World in Italy) will be...
  17. Ethan

    Thorpe Park 2021 Coaster Concept

    I doubt anybody will read this, but for the last month or so I've been working on a little project whenever I had the time. This is my first attempt at custom scenery from Sketchup and Photoshop into Nolimits 2. This coaster isn't what I think will be coming to the park, just what I wish would...
  18. L

    Elusive Intamin first generation Freefalls

    Hi all, sorry if this isn't suitable for this forum. I'm working on a list of first generation Freefall rides, located on the Tilt-A-Wiki/Flat Ride Wiki website (disclosure: I am an admin here). According to the Intamin website, fifteen were built. So far I've recorded thirteen of them and I...
  19. Joe Myler

    New Ride At Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

    Markings have been spotted on the old site of trauma towers at the pleasure beach which could indicate a new ride to soon come to Blackpool. Personally I would love to see a Mack Big Dipper because after seeing videos and clips of Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland, I would love to see one operating...
  20. Matthew Fair

    Some interesting manufacturer graphs..

    Threw these together this evening. Interesting stuff!